Reception Daily Challenge

Hello  Red Class

Have a look through the fun daily challenges and have a go at them. As the weather has brightened up again perhaps you can try them in your garden, balcony or even in your local park.

I am definitely going to be trying out the dances with some scarves and I think freezing some of my daughters Lego characters will be so much fun! It can be an ‘ICE EVACUATION MISSION’

What do you think will melt the ice quicker? Sugar? Salt? Sand? Or do you have a better idea on how to melt ice quickly?

Comment below if you do have any ideas on how to melt ice quickly and post your pictures on Tapestry!

Miss you all 🙂

Week 6 ideas


  • coral ball says:

    What an exciting challenge! Setting up this experiment was a lot of fun. Coral has established that salt is ‘the winner’.

    • coral ball says:

      … if you put pieces of ice coated in salt, sugar and soil in the hot sun it takes no time at all to melt, but salt is still ‘the winner’

    • Michelle Ferry says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the challenge Coral! I’m glad you tried lots of different variations. I’d love to see some photos, perhaps you could post some on Tapestry for Kate and I to see.

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