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Goodbye Year 6

Year 6 – As we haven’t been able to say goodbye in the usual way we have made you a special video to say farewell. Good luck and remember – you will ALWAYS be part of our West Green family so we will ALWAYS be here for you.   https://spark.adobe.com/video/1QQXolYXSEGsQ

End of year pack

Good morning Year 1, ​ I can’t believe we are in the final week!  I hope you have managed to pick up your learning packs for this week.  They are slightly different as I thought it would be a nice idea for you to reflect on the year you have had.   Can you think of any funny […]

Yoga Competition Winners!

Hello everyone!! I was so happy to receive your entries for the wonderful Yoga Competition! Here are some of the entries: The Winners are: Reception: Lily Year 1: Ghofran Year 2: Saule Year 4: Lauren You can come and collect your prize from the school office on Friday or you can wait and receive it […]

Home Learning Week 4

Good morning Year 1,   I hope you have picked up your home learning packs for this week.  I have made them slightly different this week so that you have the day and instructions written in your pack to save you from checking the blog every day.  If you feel confused or have any questions, […]

Drama games

Hello everyone!  Here are some super cool drama games for you to play! Just click the link and act away! Lots of Love Miss McQuillan

TTRS Competition

Hello West Green! Well done to the children who participated in the Timestable Rockstars Competition 2020, you will all receive a certificate in the post for your participation and hard work.   The top three children who answered the most questions are: Saffiyah in year 2 answered a whopping 754 questions!!! Aaron in year 2 […]

Year 1 – Monday Tasks

Hello everyone, Here are your tasks for the day! Don’t forget to take a picture of a piece of work that you are proud of and send it to: westgreen.orangeclass@gmail.com Can you check if you have been given the right change? Use your number line and remember to find change we need to go backwards […]

Home Learning Packs -Week 3

Hello year 1,   I hope you have picked up your home learning packs for this week.  Check the different blogs in ‘Orange News’ and ‘Rainbow News’ so you know what to do for each subject. Remember to also log in to Purple Mash and My Maths. If you have any questions, please e-mail us.  […]

Yoga competition!!! Enter before Monday

Hello there, We have an awesome competition for you! There are prizes to be won in each class so make sure you send in your entries before Monday 29th June. What you have to do: Invent a yoga pose based on an animal. You can be as inventive as you would like. Take a photograph or draw a picture of your […]

Thursday Year 1 Home Learning

Hello everyone!   Here is your learning for the day.

Piers Torday – Writing competition

Did you know that Piers, one of our school reading volunteers, is also a famous author?   He has launched a writing competition today because it is National Writing Day. Why don’t you enter? It looks like fun and you could win a full signed set of Piers’ books and £100 book voucher. Just imagine […]

Wednesday Home Learning Tasks

Hello everyone! Here are the learning tasks for today! Can you add up the money so we know how much each ice cream costs?   Can you read these sounds and words with the sounds?   Write some fantastic sentences.

Yoga Competition for Everyone!

Hello everyone, We have a competition! Please watch the video below for all the information you will need to enter. A big thank you to Rachel for helping me launch the competition! I really appreciate it! Please email your entries to: westgreen.orangeclass@gmail.com Deadline:  Monday 29th June 2020  There will be one winner from each class!! […]

Are you ready for a reading challenge?

Hello all West Green pupils!   Well done to everyone who is reading at home – you are practising the most important skill you will ever learn! Lots of you are quizzing using the Accelerated Reader programme too which is great to see.   Why not sign up for the summer reading challenge? This is […]

English and Phonics Home Learning

Hello Year 1, Below is a list of tasks to help you with English and Phonics home learning.   English ​Draw a picture of your favourite character from a book of your choice.  What is the character’s name and how would you describe the character? Can you guess who my favourite character is?  Which book […]

Maths Home Learning

Hello year 1, Please find the Maths activities for the whole week listed below. Maths ​Match the coins up with the amounts of money.  Ask parents and carers, if you can see examples of the coins.  What colour are they?  What shape are they?  Are they all the same size? Cut the coins out and put them in order […]

Home Learning Packs

Hello year 1,   I hope you had a great weekend and I really hope you have picked up your home learning packs for this week.  Check the different blogs in ‘Year 1 News’ and ‘Rainbow News’ so you know what to do for each subject and remember to log in to Purple Mash and […]

Poetry competition and story…

Hello everyone… Take a look at the video below to find out the poetry competition winners and hear a funny story.


GREAT NEWS! Our school library will now be open every FRIDAY for you to change your reading books (between 9:30 – 3:30).   It is so so so important that you are reading as much as possible to make sure you are remembering all your reading skills. Plus, it goes without saying, that reading is […]

What’s the weather like where you are?

Hello Year 1   How are you? I really miss you.  I wrote a song about the weather.  I hope you enjoy it.  What’s the weather like where you are?   Lots of love, Genelle

Story time with Pandee

Hello everyone, Me and Pandee haven’t read a story for a while… so we thought we would post one today. Pandee wanted to choose the story for today because she has been watching the news. The news is showing that the world is going through some changes at the moment because people are not treated […]

5 Senses

Good afternoon year 1,   I hope you are all safe and well.  I’ve been using my 5 senses to help me do lots of different things.  I wonder if you can remember or find out what they are.   Once you have remembered what the 5 senses are, can you draw and label some pictures of […]

London Rocks 2020

Hello West Green!   As part of our commitment to make maths exciting and high profile in our school, we are taking part in a friendly competition involving schools from Greater London from Monday 22nd June to Friday 26th June. It’s all done online via play.ttrockstars.com.   For every correct answer to a multiplication or […]

Celebration Video!

Hello my cheeky sausages! I am missing you all soooooo much! I hope you are all keeping well and managing to enjoy some sunshine! I am proud of all of you! Remember to send your work, videos and questions to: westgreen.orangeclass@gmail.com Lots of love to all of you and your families Miss McQuillan  

Count to 15

Good afternoon children and families,   I really hope you had a great half term break and spent sometime in the sunshine.  I have been eating lots of ice cream and going for walks.   When I went walking, I did lots of counting to 15.  Can you count the objects on the sheet, that […]

Wow! It is very windy outside!

Hello everyone! I have noticed it is very windy outside and I wish I had my class kite with me because this is the perfect weather to fly  it in. I did some research and found a very easy way to make a kite! If you don’t have all of the materials here are some […]

Free Webinar on Internet Safety

Dear Parents/Carers,   There is a virtual parent session tomorrow, Friday 22nd May, at 3:30pm regarding Internet Safety. Click the link below to start the webinar:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V0Q5eN7c2A&feature=youtu.be&utm_source=Parent+Zone+Newsletter&utm_campaign=6966b0fe75-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_05_21_12_59&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1ee27d9000-6966b0fe75-179383445   Stay well   Miss Gill

‘All about me’ – Ocean

Hello WestGreeners! I hope you’re all enjoying the good weather! If you’re not able to get out today and feeling a bit bored, i’ve added a worksheet for you to complete below. All of us are unique and special. Can you draw some of the things that make you special? You can either fill in […]

With love from West Green

We miss you all! Watch the video to see just how much….

It’s almost Summer

Hello Year 1, I went for a walk yesterday and noticed the trees have changed, the weather is different and people were no longer wearing hats and scarves.  The season is changing! Can you remember the names of each of the seasons?  One of them is in the title of this post. Could you make a […]

Yummy biscuits

Hello West Green,   I’ve been making biscuits! I love making biscuits because they’re very yummy and super easy to make. Take a look at the recipe below!   Biscuit Recipe   Ingredients:    225g butter (3.5 oz) 125g caster sugar (2 oz) 275g self raising flour (4.5 oz) Chocolate chips (if you’d like them!) […]

Hey guys it’s Tara!

Hey guys! Tara here, how are you all? I just wanted to let you all know that I am missing you all so, so much! Some days I am a bit sadder than others, so you know what I do? I close my eyes and pretend we are in our classroom, on the carpet and […]

Days of the Week

Hello Year 1,   I hope you are all well.   I have made a song for you to help you learn the days of the week.  I really hope you can join in and sing with me.   Lots of love, Genelle.

Wow check out Marin’s film!!

Hello everyone! Marin has kindly sent me a wonderful project she has been working on. It is called Fear Girl! I am so impressed! I think Marin has used her voice really well and I cannot wait to see if there are more adventures on the way. Marin and her family have used the ‘Stop […]

2d Shapes everywhere!

Hello Year 1,   I hope you are well.   I have been searching my house for different 2d shapes.  I found triangles, rectangles, circles and squares.   What shapes can you find in your home? Can you tell me how many sides and how many corners they have? What is the difference between a […]

Calling all creative West Green children….

Groundswell Arts project are running some fun arty events in the local area and we’d love it if you could get involved! Photo trail: They are asking our children and their families to take photographs of the wonderful inside world of lock-down that we are currently living in. The artists will then bring these pictures […]

Purple Mash

Hello West Green!   Purple Mash is a great website to keep our children learning throughout this lockdown. Everyday there are activities for the children to complete. Teachers will email the children’s username, passwords (same as their Mymaths) and guidance on how to use Purple Mash. Its super easy, follow the link below: https://www.purplemash.com/sch/west-n15   […]

Hello Genelle here with a song…!

Hi West Green! I have been keeping busy by singing. It’s always a good day to sing, do you have a favourite song? Lots of Love Genelle

Pandee snuck into school to play the piano!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and keeping your windows open to let the fresh air in! As you can see my cat Shewwy has been enjoying the fresh air from my window. Here is a story for you…   CHALLENGE: Pandee really likes this piece of music by Korsakov. It […]

A Letter from Tip

Dear Krishna, Genelle and Rainbow Class, How are you? I really miss you!  It’s very quiet in the classroom without you all.  I have been spending my time trying to look after your plants and reading books.  What have you been doing?  Have you read any books? I have sent you some pictures.  Maybe you […]

Staying Fit, Healthy and Active!

Hi all, After speaking to my year 6’s, many have told me they are using the Joe Wick’s P.E videos, which is brilliant.   It is so important to stay fit and healthy during this period for so many reasons.  When we exercise, it not only gets our hearts racing, pumps blood and oxygen round […]

Krishna’s Diary

Hi friends, How are you?  I really miss you and would love to keep in touch with you.  I have written a diary so you can see what I have been doing this week https://www.westgreen.haringey.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Krishnas-Diary-3.docx Will you write one too so I can see what you have been doing?  You can make your own with […]

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