Poetry competition!

Hello Orange Class!

Me and Pandee have had a wonderful idea… to have a competition. The prize will be 10 merits and a video message from Pandee.

The challenge is:

To write a poem about something you enjoy doing. You can decide how you want to write the poem.

Pandee has written a lovely poem…

What I love doing best

On Mondays I like to sleep in and play 4 in a row.

On Tuesdays I like to use a rolling pin and wear my bow.

On Wednesdays I like to play with my cat and mediate.

On Thursdays I like to have a chat and then go to the park for a skate.

On Fridays I like to read my favourite book and have a nap.

On Saturdays I like to cook and make up a rap.

On Sundays I like to feast on Bamboo and think about all the things I have enjoyed doing best.

Pandee hopes you like her poem and cannot wait to read yours. Please send them to:

westgreen.orangeclass@gmail.com  by 9th June to be in with a chance of winning. 

Lots of Love Miss McQuillan and Pandee


  • Miss Essor says:

    Oh I really love Pandee’s poem and oh my what is Pandee doing in that box! So cheeky!

  • Jenny says:

    Pandee is such a cheeky sausage! He was snuffling under my desk yesterday trying to find my secret stash of chocolate bars!

  • Ghofran says:

    Hello Miss McQuillan ,
    On Monday I like to sit and practice my Maths .
    On Tuesday I like to play hula-hoop and take my bath .
    On Wednesday I like to go to the park and ride my bike .
    On Thursday I like to cook and prepare a chocolate cake .
    On Friday I like to eat my favourite plat fish and ships and take a rest .
    On Saturday I like to read a book and do Quiz test .
    On Sunday I like to help my mum and have fun .

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