Paying with coins

Hi Red Class


I have been thinking about why we have coins and money. When I need to pay for something I need to be able to work out which coins to use. Remember there are only 8 UK coins but lots more numbers than that!


Watch the video below to see which coins we have up to the value of 10.



Let’s play shops! Help me to work out how to pay for items using these coins – 1p  2p   5p   10p


Watch the video and see if you can complete the challenge at the end!



CHALLENGE: How many ways can you make 12p?


I have attached some number shapes to help you with making amounts and there is a counting coin worksheet if you are feeling like a real ‘smartypants’.


Remember there are only 8 different types of coin!


Comment below and add your pictures to Tapestry so Kate and I can see how much you have learnt about UK coins.


Michelle 🙂


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