Pandee snuck into school to play the piano!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and keeping your windows open to let the fresh air in! As you can see my cat Shewwy has been enjoying the fresh air from my window.

Here is a story for you…



Pandee really likes this piece of music by Korsakov. It makes her want to run around the house and makes her feel very energised and a bit crazy.

Can you find a piece of classical music and think about how it makes you feel?

Maybe you could:

  • Act out how it makes you feel.
  • Create a dance routine and perform it to your family at home.
  • Write a beautiful poem with lots of adjectives (Describing words).
  • Use pots and pans or any instruments you may have at home to create your own piece of music.
  • Make an instrument.
  • Research the composer of your chosen musical piece.

Please feel free to send what you do to the school: I have loved to see the work that you have been doing already!

Lots of love

Miss McQuillan and the Mischievous Pandee

x x x x x x


  • Pearl Sparrow says:

    Dear Miss McQuillen,

    You could play the drum, it’s easy and fun to play the drum. Have you ever played the drum?

    I’m looking forward to your reply.

    From Pearly-whirly

    • Rebecca McQuillan says:

      Hello Pearlykins!
      I have played the drum before and I found it very tricky! I might ask Jeannie if she can help me practice! What have you been using to play the drums?
      Take care!
      Miss McQuillan xxx

  • Ghofran says:

    Hello Miss Mc Quillen,

    I enjoyed listening to the story of Mr Big .

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