New Writing Competition – Calling All Year 6 Poets!

Good Morning Guys,


As I said in my Easter message, I hope you had a nice break, even in these very difficult and testing times.  Again, I hope you’re all well, safe and being as helpful as possible at home – this is a challenging time for your families and as you’re close to teenagers now, I am sure your help will be appreciated.


It is time for us to get back to work this week and I am expecting to see everyone participating in the tasks being set online – you’ve had plenty of time to get used to it now.  Another huge congratulations to those that have been completing their MyMaths, had a go at the writing competition and are completing the papers given at home.


Meanwhile, I very excited to announce a new writing competition with year 5!   Year 6, we really need to come back strong after losing the funny story one!

This time we shall be writing a structured poem. It can have any rhyming structure and be about anything that you want.  However, if you’re unsure what to focus on please read the example below called If I Were A Bird – I think it is very appropriate for our current situation and it has repetition, which you used so beautifully earlier in the year.  Once again you should email your entries to and the rules are as follows:
  • All entries must be emailed to
  • Must be sent by Tuesday 28th of April
  • Winner will be announced on Wednesday the 29th by Jenny!
  • It must be at least two verses long
  • It must rhyme and have one example of repetition
  • It can have any rhyming scheme that you choose
  • Other features you can use to bring it to life – alliteration, personification and onomatopoeia.  
  • Remember, its very difficult to overuse description – you want the reader to escape and see what you see. 


I am really excited to read your poems and hopefully we can show year 5 what we are made of!  Will post again soon to highlight what you should be doing in maths this week.  Good luck everyone,

Mr Spours


If I Were A Bird

If I were a bird,
Would chirp sweet words,
Fly high in the sky,
Say the world below, bye bye.

I would just fly and fly,
Eat little seeds and try,
To build a nest of my own,
And give little chicks, a home.

I would sit on a branch,
And sing melodious chants,
After mesmerizing everyone,
I would have actually won.

My friends would be,
A cuckoo, a dove or a kiwi,
My enemies would be bad,
Humans, foxes and big cats.

Living in a barred cage,
Would not be my fate,
To flee from human clasps,
The errand I would grasp.

If I were a bird,
Would chirp sweet words,
Fly high in the sky,
Say the world below, bye bye.

By M Singh.


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