Merit League Table and Quiz Results

Happy Friday Year 2!


Today would have been the last day of the Spring Term. So you won’t find any new learning on the Yellow News page for the next two weeks. There might still be some videos. Ms Essor is going to finish reading Hodgeheg. Will Max stop wuddling his mords? Will Max find a safe way to road the cross?


Expect another video from me too, as I take you on a tour of the countryside. It’s very different to West Green!


It was nice to talk to lots of you and your families on the phone this week. As you will know, I’m still doing merits. You can win merits by making a comment to any of my blog posts, by sending any work to, or by doing MyMaths or TimesTables Rockstars.


This Week’s Merits (updated 16:40 Friday 3rd April)

Saule – 6 merits (2 comments, 2 for mymaths, 1 for sending work and 1 for times tables)

Melina – 5 merits (2 for mymaths, 1 for times tables, 2 for sending work)

Yasmin – 3 merits (2 for mymaths, 1 for times tables)

Safiyyah – 4 merits (2 for mymaths, 1 for times tables, 1 for a comment )

Yi-Xuan – 3 merits (1 for a comment, 2 for times tables)

Nala – 6 merits (2 for sending work, 2 for comments, 2 for mymaths)

Edasu – 2 merits (mymaths)

Amirah – 2 merits (mymaths)

Josepha – 2 merits (mymaths)

Kianosh – 2 merits (mymaths)

Adem – 1 merit (mymaths – you need to get a higher score for 2D and 3D shapes)

Aaron – 2 merits (mymaths)

Asabea – 2 merits (for 2 comments)


Total merits for learning at home (Updated 16:40 Friday 3rd April)

1st place – Saule – 8 merits

2nd place – Melina – 7 merits

3rd place – Nala – 6 merits

4th place – Yasmin – 5 merits

5th place – Safiyyah, Aaron – 4 merits

6th place – Yi-Xuan, Kianosh, and Edasu – 3 merits

7th place – Adem, Asabea, Amirah, Josepha and Nariyah – 2 merits

Everyone else – no merits! However winning merits is easy, as Saule knows!


Quiz Results

Here were the questions. If you haven’t had a go yet, then have a go now! The answers are below, but no peeking!

  1. Which explorer flew over the Atlantic Ocean?
  2. Which explorer needed a helmet to help him breathe?
  3. Which British explorer got cross when he realised he’d come in second place?
  4. Which explorer brought tomatoes and potatoes back to Europe for the first time?
  5. Which explorer had to escape India after an argument with a Sultan?
  6. Which two explorers sadly died while they were completing a challenge?
  7. Which two explorers were American?
  8. Which explorer was born in 1304, making him the oldest of the five?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below who you think the greatest explorer of all time is. I’ve had no replies to this question yet! Who do you think it is?


You could complete this activity below next week and send it to


Who is the greatest explorer?  <<< click here

Quiz Answers

  1. Amelia Earhart
  2. Neil Armstrong
  3. Robert Falcon Scott (from Devon, where I am now!)
  4. Christopher Columbus
  5. Ibn Battuta
  6. Amelia Earhart (crashed) and Robert Falcon Scott (froze)
  7. Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong
  8. Ibn Battuta was the oldest.

Please remember to post me a comment below and I promise I will reply!

I will also reply to any work sent to

Comments and work sent will always be worth 1 merit.

Stay safe and see you soon!

Mr Morgan


  • Claudine Geddes says:

    Amelia Earhart was the best explorer because she followed her dreams. And never changed her mind.
    From Nala

    • Mr Morgan says:

      She didn’t let anyone stop her from doing what she wanted to do. Let that inspire you too! She proved a lot of people wrong!

  • Melina Ada says:

    Amelia Earhart because she followed her dreams and I want to do that too.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      So you should Melina! You can achieve anything you want to achieve if you have the same belief and mental strength that Amelia Earhart had.

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