Maths Puzzle

Good morning yellow class!


I’m sure you are very excited for the next round of interviews about the U.K.


While im waiting to see the interview, I have been completing some maths sudokus.


In the mean time while you wait, here is a mini maths puzzle for you to complete. Think about what mathematical skills you need to use to complete this. Will addition help? How about its inverse subtraction?


Merits for completing 🙂 you can email the answers to or post your answers in the comments below.

Have a good day!

Miss Essor 🙂

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  • kianosh says:

    how to make 16
    is use the number 5,3,2,2,2,2 together make 16

  • Adem says:

    Hello Mr Morgan , yes i think addition will help :2+3+5+6=16

  • Mr Morgan says:

    You’re right Kianosh, but does it fit into Ms Essor’s puzzle?

    It’s great to hear from you Adem! Your maths is very smart, well done. Make sure you watch all of my UK videos!

    It would be great if both of you could send some of your learning to!

  • Miss Essor says:

    Indeed Mr Morgan!
    Thank you for challenging Kianosh and Adam!

    We’ve had lots of answers already sent via email and now children are earning extra merits by finding other possible ways of making 16!

    If you do this you can earn extra merits!

    As always Mr Morgan and I will be checking both here and the email account!

    Well done everyone who has sent in work already!

    I will set another maths puzzle next week! 🙂

  • Dila says:

    Hello Mr Morgan,
    The answers to question 1 is

    The answers for question 2 is

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