Managing Worries and Returning to School.

Hey Westgreeners! I hope you’re having a good week.
I’ve added a document that has some good tips for those of you that might be feeling a bit worried or anxious about returning back to school. If you are feeling worried then please talk to your parents, carers or teachers. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again very soon! Ocean.

Managing Worries and Returning to School.

At this current time some of us will be feeling anxious and worried about what is going on.

Here are a few tips for that can help support you with your return to school and tips to manage any worries that you might be having along the way.

There is a lot of really useful information and resources available which will be listed at end

Talking about worries

It’s good to talk about worries and if you have concerns about returning to school.

When to talk?

If you can, talk to your parents or carers when you start having these worries.

If your parents can’t talk straight away, Try and remind them later on when they have a moment.

Take part in a nice activity before bedtime: Read a book, colour in, sing, watch something funny.

Activities for returning to school

If you’re worried about going back to school, try and write or draw a story with a happy ending where you went to school, saw your friends, were very happy and had a lovely day or draw a picture of all the things you like at school for example seeing your friends, story time.

Try and focus on the positives by thinking about what your favourite things are about school and which friends you are looking forward to seeing the most?

If your slightly older you could make a list all of the things you are excited and worried about. This can also be a chance to talk about your worries to a member of your family.

Coping with the first day back at school

It is normal to feel more nervous than usual when returning to school. Here are some tips to help you manage your nerves

Helpful thoughts:

What could you say to yourself on your first day to help you feel more relaxed and confident? Make a list… there are a few to get you started.

“Everyone is likely to be feeling the same”

“ Lots of people will be worried about coming back to school”

Coping strategies:

Think about what other things can you do if on the first day you feel worried or nervous? Here are a few suggestions, brainstorm as a family and list your own ideas too. Talk to someone, teacher? Someone in your year? Try some of our relaxation techniques

Relaxation and grounding techniques for children Hand Trace

1. Stretch your hand out like a star

2. Get the pointer finger of your other hand ready to trace your fingers up and down.

3. Slide up each finger slowly ~ slide down the other side.

4. Breathe in through your nose ~ out through your mouth.

5. Put it together and breathe in as you slide up and breathe out as you slide down. Keep going until you have finished tracing your hand.

Lemon Squeeze

1. Pretend you are squeezing a whole lemon in your left hand.

2. Squeeze it hard.

3. Try to squeeze all the juice out.

4. Feeling the tightness in your hand and arms as your squeeze

5. Now drop the lemon and relax. See how much better your hand and arm feel when they are relaxed.

6. Repeat with other hand

The snail

Imagine you are a little snail and have a shell on your back. Lift up your shoulders up and pull your shell up as high as you can. Think about how your shoulders, your neck and your back feel. Count to 4 and relax. How do you feel now?

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