Indigo Class News

Goodbye Year 6

Year 6 – As we haven’t been able to say goodbye in the usual way we have made you a special video to say farewell. Good luck and remember – you will ALWAYS be part of our West Green family so we will ALWAYS be here for you.

Yoga Competition Winners!

Hello everyone!! I was so happy to receive your entries for the wonderful Yoga Competition! Here are some of the entries: The Winners are: Reception: Lily Year 1: Ghofran Year 2: Saule Year 4: Lauren You can come and collect your prize from the school office on Friday or you can wait and receive it […]

TTRS Competition

Hello West Green! Well done to the children who participated in the Timestable Rockstars Competition 2020, you will all receive a certificate in the post for your participation and hard work.   The top three children who answered the most questions are: Saffiyah in year 2 answered a whopping 754 questions!!! Aaron in year 2 […]

Yoga competition!!! Enter before Monday

Hello there, We have an awesome competition for you! There are prizes to be won in each class so make sure you send in your entries before Monday 29th June. What you have to do: Invent a yoga pose based on an animal. You can be as inventive as you would like. Take a photograph or draw a picture of your […]

A message from Patrick- 25th June 2020

Hello everyone,   I have set the new chapter for purple mash alongside the computing that we started the other day. The new tasks are the next typing activities so they should really be able to help you improve your use of computers.   As always, please comment below if you have any questions and […]

Piers Torday – Writing competition

Did you know that Piers, one of our school reading volunteers, is also a famous author?   He has launched a writing competition today because it is National Writing Day. Why don’t you enter? It looks like fun and you could win a full signed set of Piers’ books and £100 book voucher. Just imagine […]

Yoga Competition for Everyone!

Hello everyone, We have a competition! Please watch the video below for all the information you will need to enter. A big thank you to Rachel for helping me launch the competition! I really appreciate it! Please email your entries to: Deadline:  Monday 29th June 2020  There will be one winner from each class!! […]

Are you ready for a reading challenge?

Hello all West Green pupils!   Well done to everyone who is reading at home – you are practising the most important skill you will ever learn! Lots of you are quizzing using the Accelerated Reader programme too which is great to see.   Why not sign up for the summer reading challenge? This is […]

A message from Patrick- 22nd June 2020

Good morning everyone!   I have set the new book on Purple Mash. Today you will read the first chapter and answer the questions on it- please let me know if there are any problems! There is also maths and computing to do so, similarly, I will expect to see everyone’s work.   I hope […]

A message from Patrick- 19th June 2020

Good day!   I hope you are all well. Sorry i have not been blogging the last couple of days. Unfortunately I have had computer issues. However I did manage to set the rest of the chapters of Purple Mash and the work on My Maths so I am glad that you have been working […]

Explorify: KS2 Scientist of the Summer Competition

Hello West Green!     It’s Mr Morgan here with a science competition for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.   Explorify: Which animal is the odd one out?      Option 1 is a zeedonk. It is a cross between a zebra and a donkey.      Option 2 is a liger. It is […]

A message from Patrick- 16th June 2020

Hello all,   Thank you for a good start to the wee and it is nice to see a good few of us have completed the maths set yesterday!   I have set a new chapter on Purple Mash and have also set a very good internet safety computing task on the same website so […]

A message from Patrick- 15th June 2020

Good Monday everyone!   I hope that you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the much improved weather while making sure that you are using suncream when you need it!   Please go over to Purple Mash to see the next chapter in our class book as well as the forces activity that I […]

A message from Patrick- 12th June 2020

Good day!   I hope you have had a good week and have enjoyed the books that we are reading as a class! I have set the new chapters on Purple Mash and so go and read though them and complete the tasks. Hopefully the weather will start to improve soon and we will be […]

A message from Patrick- 11th June 2020

Hello,   I have set the new chapter for the book we started yesterday but I am also giving you a choice to start another one. You will see that you can read “The White Star” or “Neve’s wishes”. I want you to choose one of them and make a three point summary of what […]

Mandarin Practice with Grace 9 (Learn to use Quizlet)

Hi Year4&5&6   I created a video to show you how to use my Quizlet to practice your characters. You know how to say the words, but some of the characters needed to be remembered. There are some games in Quizlet help you remember characters, please go to have a look.   The […]

Mandarin Practice with Grace 8

Hi Year 4 & Year5   This video is for you! Topic for Clothes   If you need the slide as reference, please go back to the blog Page 6 posted on 31 of March  You will find all the PPTs, which have my recorded voice for home learning.   Miss you all […]


GREAT NEWS! Our school library will now be open every FRIDAY for you to change your reading books (between 9:30 – 3:30).   It is so so so important that you are reading as much as possible to make sure you are remembering all your reading skills. Plus, it goes without saying, that reading is […]

A message from Patrick- 10th June 2020

Hi Indigoers!   Thank you for your good messaging yesterday- it really was a welcome improvement.   Check out the new book we are starting on Purple Mash. It is set in space! It is not very long so lets see who can answer the following questions on it first:   What is the name […]

A message from Patrick- 9th June 2020

Hello Indigo Class,   How have you all been? We did not have many comments yesterday so please comment today in reply to the work and letting me know how you all are!   Today I am interested in who can prove that they are the best with money! The winner will be getting 3 […]

Mandarin Practice with Grace 7

Hi Year5& Year6   Video2 would be shorter than last one, keep learning, let`s finish this topic!   Link for video2   Worksheet for video2     Well done! If you want show me your worksheet, you could send me by email.   Keep safe and miss all of you lovely! Grace  

Mandarin Practice with Grace 6

Hi Year 5 & Year6   Hope you are well!   Are you still remember all the numbers we have learned? And the dates and months? There would be two links of two videos for further learning.   After learning these two videos, we will finish learning all of the knowledge for date, month and […]

A message from Patrick- 8th June 2020

Good morning everybody!   Have you all had a good weekend? I have set the new My Maths homework and have complimented that with a fun game on Purple Mash! It is the last chapter of our class book today so go and read that and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the […]

AR superstars

A huge well done to all those who have quizzed this week! I can see that you are keeping up with your reading at home and understanding the texts you have read. We are so proud of you – keep it up. Remember – reading is the most important skill you will ever learn because […]

London Rocks 2020

Hello West Green!   As part of our commitment to make maths exciting and high profile in our school, we are taking part in a friendly competition involving schools from Greater London from Monday 22nd June to Friday 26th June. It’s all done online via   For every correct answer to a multiplication or […]

A message from Patrick- 5th June 2020

Hello everyone!   I hope you have had a good week and are enjoying the book we are reading on Purple Mash. It is the second to last chapter today and the last one will be out on Monday! Let me know how you are enjoying it.   Today I am thinking of a number: […]

Calm Jars Activity sheet

Hey westgreeners! I hope you are all well! I have added a mindful activity exercise that can help you stay calm when were stressed, sad and angry. I’ve done this for myself and it works! let me know if this helps! Ocean 🙂  

A message from Patrick- 4th June 2020

Good morning all,   Today I was hoping that you would carry on with the book that we are reading as a class as I can see that only Yi-Sheng and Sara have done the multiple choice on the last chapter! Please go through the book and have your best go at all the activities. […]

A message from Patrick- 3rd June 2020

Hello all,   I hope you have enjoyed the first two chapters of our new book on Purple Mash. The new one is out today!   I will just take this opportunity to say thank you to Halit, Irem, Samdanul, Yi-Sheng, Weda, Sara and Sophia who have all quizzed in the the last few weeks. […]

A message from Patrick- 2nd June 2020

Good day!   Thank you getting going on the Purple Mash work- the new chapter is now out with some fun activities to go with it.   I am hoping that today we take some steps towards doing a few more accelerated reader quizzes. If you have finished your books then please quiz yourself on […]

A message from Patrick- 1st June 2020

Hello everyone!   I hope you all had a wonderful week and are well rested! I have set work on Purple Mash and My Maths so go and check it out- we have a new story which I think is very interesting and mysterious!   Please let me know how your weeks have been. I […]

A message from Patrick- 26th May 2020

Hi Indigo class!   I hope you had really fun bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the wonderful weather!   I have set a maths challenge on purple mash today to log in to enjoy that and let me know how you get along. Also, how did you enjoy the book that we read on purple […]

Wow! It is very windy outside!

Hello everyone! I have noticed it is very windy outside and I wish I had my class kite with me because this is the perfect weather to fly  it in. I did some research and found a very easy way to make a kite! If you don’t have all of the materials here are some […]

We Are All Stars – Ocean

Hey Westgreeners! I hope you’re having a good friday! I’ve added another activity sheet that explores what makes us unique! Let me know how you get along! I hope you all have a great half term! – Ocean  

A message from Patrick- 22nd May 2020

Hi everybody!   This is the last day of this half term! It has been the oddest half term we have all experienced I’m sure. Thank you for working hard and doing your best though- I have been very proud of Indigo class.   Today I have set the next chapter of our book and […]

Free Webinar on Internet Safety

Dear Parents/Carers,   There is a virtual parent session tomorrow, Friday 22nd May, at 3:30pm regarding Internet Safety. Click the link below to start the webinar:   Stay well   Miss Gill

A message from Patrick- 21st May 2020

Hello!   Thank you for the information you researched yesterday- as always, when I give you a task to do, I finish the day a much better educated individual!   Today I will be doing a ‘find the number’ challenge but i would like you to focus especially on the purple mash and mymaths work […]

‘All about me’ – Ocean

Hello WestGreeners! I hope you’re all enjoying the good weather! If you’re not able to get out today and feeling a bit bored, i’ve added a worksheet for you to complete below. All of us are unique and special. Can you draw some of the things that make you special? You can either fill in […]

A message from Patrick- 20th May 2020

Good day!   How has everyone’s day been? I hope you have had a good day and enjoy the next chapter of the book we are reading on Purple Mash.   As you can see, the main picture when you click on the blog is an old stone stadium. It is the colosseum. Give me […]

Maths challenge for Year 5 & 6!

Hello there!   Well done to Allana, Victoria and Adrian for getting the last one correct. It was difficult and what we really liked seeing was that, even when you got it wrong the first few times, you persisted and kept going until you got the correct answer.   EDIT: it appears that I missed Allana’s […]

A Message From Spurs!!

[video src="" /]

A message from Patrick- 19th May 2020

Hello all,   I hope you have had a good start to the week and are enjoying the book we are reading on Purple mash! What is your favourite part so far? I have set chapter four now and I have put a bonus true or false challenge in there as well.   Well done […]

Year 5/6 competition winners…

Hello Year 5 and 6. Thank you to the Year 5 children – Sophia, Weda, Yi-Sheng and Davmie- who entered this week’s writing competition. They all wrote really interesting and exciting narratives full of twists and turns. I can see that you all worked really hard on these stories! I really couldn’t pick a winner […]

Star readers – Year 5

A huge well done to Irem, Samdanul, Weda, Sara and Sophia who have taken an AR quiz this week. Great work guys. You can all have 2 merits from me when we get back to school! Year 5- I’d like to see more of you quizzing this week – as you know, reading well helps […]

A message from Patrick- 18th May 2020

Good day to you all!   I hope you had a good weekend. The weather seems to be picking up and hopefully you all got the chance to experience some of it!   I have set the new Purple mash chapter and there is a bonus activity today once you have done the multiple choice! […]

With love from West Green

We miss you all! Watch the video to see just how much….

A message from Patrick- 15th May 2020

Hello West Greeners,   I have a couple of good messages for you today so I shall start right away!   Jeannie has sent me this letter (which I shall also email to you): Hi Year 5 kids and grownups I have some very exciting news for you Year 5. Last term Patrick and I had […]

Gratitude Journal – Ocean

Hey West Greeners! Can you point out three things that were good about your day today? What are you grateful for? Sometimes we can forget the small things that can make us happy! I have added a 7 day gratitude journal for you to complete. Let me know how you get on 🙂 Ocean 🙂 […]

A message from Patrick – 14th May 2020

Hi Indigo,   I hope you are all alright. How has the accelerated reader going? I heard that some of you have quizzed already- remember there are free books you can get if you follow this link.   There is also a singing/choir event that Jeannie is organising and which I will hopefully be able […]

‘How I feel’ mentoring worksheet – Ocean

Hey West Greeners! We all can feel lots of different emotions during the day and sometimes it can get overwhelming! Talking to someone or putting your feelings down on paper can really help clear your mind! I have added a worksheet that can help you reflect on your feelings and learn how those feelings affect […]

A message from Patrick- 13th May 2020

Good day all,   Thank you for having a go at the triangle problems yesterday! The answer (which Yi Sheng managed to get) is below:   There were 18!   I am posting a simpler one today so if you want to figure it out yourself then don’t look in the comments! How many triangles […]

A message from Patrick- 12th May 2020

Hi guys,   I hope you are all alright. I just want to go over some key reminders with you: Make sure you email us your entries to the third competition! Email the class email or Check out the maths challenge posted yesterday. I did it yesterday and it isn’t easy but it is […]

You can now do your AR quizzes at home!

Great news everyone! You can now take your Accelerated Reader quizzes at home!   Just log on to: (It has to be this exact website address because this is the special log-in page for our school!)   Then, enter your log in details and quiz away.   If you can’t remember your log in […]

Year 5 and 6 Maths Puzzle

Happy Monday Guys,   Here is a new puzzle for you to solve!  Please don’t submit your answer in a comment till Friday this week – so people have time to have a go themselves.  If you want to send me or Patrick your answers please send to the class email addresses. E.g   […]

A message from Patrick- 11th May 2020

Hello everyone,   I hope you had a very nice weekend and got the chance to enjoy the weather whilst it wasn’t too bad!   There is one more day to finish your work for the competition so get it sent to my email address or and stand a chance of getting a free […]

A message from Patrick- 8th May 2020

Hello there!   Thank you for all of your responses yesterday. Yi-Sheng got the answer right and you all gradually got close to saying how many triangles there were. The actual answer, however, it below:   There are 24! Look carefully at the diagram to see how you could have figured it out.   Today […]

A Message from Mr. Harvey May 7th

  Hello West Green, Thank you very much to everyone who had a go at the question in my last message! Well done if you knew it was a deer’s skull. This one was male (a boy) and he was quite young. As Allana explained to us, we can tell it’s a male because of […]

A message from Patrick- 7th May 2020

Good day to you all!   I hope we are having a fine week and that you managed to find time to enjoy the beautiful weather!   Today I am going to repost the Math challenge from yesterday. I have to say I was  a little disappointed with the lack of response and so, if […]

A message from Patrick- 6th May 2020

Hello there!   Today I am going to put a number of maths puzzles here and you can all answer in the comments. Unfortunately, no gave there own one yesterday! I will put the challenges you make on this blog as long as you send them to me. Otherwise, I am happy to make my […]

A message from Patrick- 5th May 2020

Good day to you all,   Thank you for letting me know how your reading is going and even for recommending what sounded like very good books! As soon as we are able to return and I am able to access the library, I will get started on some of them. If you are running […]

Calling all creative West Green children….

Groundswell Arts project are running some fun arty events in the local area and we’d love it if you could get involved! Photo trail: They are asking our children and their families to take photographs of the wonderful inside world of lock-down that we are currently living in. The artists will then bring these pictures […]

A Message from Mr. Harvey 4th May 2020

Hello everybody, I hope that you are well. I have been trying to use my time for creativity and education, I hope that you are doing the same! If you have created something you are proud of I would love to see it, and perhaps if you have learned something interesting you could share it […]

Purple Mash

Hello West Green!   Purple Mash is a great website to keep our children learning throughout this lockdown. Everyday there are activities for the children to complete. Teachers will email the children’s username, passwords (same as their Mymaths) and guidance on how to use Purple Mash. Its super easy, follow the link below:   […]

A message from Patrick- 4th May 2020

Good morning Indigo class!   I hope you have had a good weekend and are fully rested for the week.   First of all I just want to wish Tianna a happy birthday for a few weeks ago. Thank you to those who mentioned it- I have now created my own calendar to help me […]

The third writing competition!

Hello year 5 and 6!   Well done to Allana and Adrian for their fantastic poems. We thought all of the entries were amazing so for them to come out on top they had to really be something special- and they truly were! If you two could send a link for the book you want […]

A message from Patrick- 1st May 2020

Hello all,   Thank you to all those who have been involved in the activities this week! I am also posting Davmie’s music below. I really appreciate it when you send in your work and there has been a big upturn in that this week which is brilliant.   Please send your songs you […]

The winner is….

Hello everyone. Watch the video to see who is the winner of the Year 5/6 poetry competition this week. Well done to all who entered. Patrick, Mr. Spours and I really enjoyed reading them all. Look out for the next competition coming soon…. The winning poems are below. Enjoy. Jenny Silhouette of the Midnight Sky […]

A message from Patrick- 30th April 2020

Hello Indigoers!   I hope that we are all okay! It has been a good week for work (I got lots of information on South America yesterday) and we got more entries for the competition than we did last time! I believe the winner will be announced today so I am very much looking forward […]

A message from Patrick- 29th April 2020

Hello Indigo class,   First of all I just want to say thanks to all those who handed in their poems! I have really enjoyed reading them and the winners will be announced later today.   Today I’m hoping that, as we are not able to explore it at school, each of you would be […]


Good day!   First of all we think congratulations are in order for Rumen and Allana who were the first ones to figure out the previous maths puzzle! As Rumen quite rightly points out, the blue flower only had four petals in the final maths sentence and so only had a value of 4. Therefore […]

A message from Patrick- 27th April 2020

Good day everyone!   How are we all getting along?  Have you been helping your families out at home? I have been enjoying the good weather recently and have been reading outside. Have any of you been using the free books that is put in this link? Please let me know what you are reading […]

A message from Patrick- 24th April 2020

Good day all,   I hope that you have all had a good week!   It is good to see that lots of us are attempting the maths challenge and it is always great to hear from you all so please keep on interacting!   I want to say thanks to Halit, Khyran, Basmah, Irem, […]


Morning All, Here is a little puzzle for our maths wizards in year 5 and 6. This has stumped a lot of people, so I am going to give you a couple of hints. First of all, remember the RULES of mathematical sums. My second hint is look very carefully. If no one has got […]

Year 5 and 6

Hi Year 5 and 6. Check this out- Chair Drumming- Channel your inner Rock Star !! All you need – two pencils and a chair. ‘Chair_Drumming_Vol1_0319 (1) 2 Also some music technology to help you with your compositions. Maybe set some of those amazing poems to music!! Keep making music :))))

A message from Patrick- 20th April 2020

Hello Indigo class!   I hope you have all had a brilliant holiday and have stayed safe!   As it has been such a long time since we have been in school, I was hoping you would be able to remind me of some important facts and so I have made a mini quiz based […]

Year 5 & 6 Poetry Competition

Hello all!   It is competition time again. First of all, I feel I should offer huge congratulations to Yi-Sheng for winning the funny story competition and bringing glory to our class. This does mean that year 6 will be really wanting to win the next competition and so we should redouble our efforts.   […]

Who wrote the best funny story?

Hello everyone, Watch the video to see who won the funny story competition. Will the funniest class be Year 5 or Year 6? Who will be victorious – Patrick or Mr. Spours? There will be another competition posted soon so please keep checking your class blog. I would LOVE to see ALL of you enter […]

Free books for you!

Hello West Greeners!   It’s getting to the stage when some of you are getting to the end of the books you took home! This is just a post to let you know where you can get free e-books (electronic books that you can read from your device or computer) or audiobooks (when the book […]

A message from Patrick- 7th April 2020

Good day Indigoites!   I hope you have all had a good weekend and are enjoying the first few days of the Easter holidays. I am just writing to check in and see how everyone is. Please comment below if you have any questions about the work you are doing or email   Please remember […]

Staying Fit, Healthy and Active!

Hi all, After speaking to my year 6’s, many have told me they are using the Joe Wick’s P.E videos, which is brilliant.   It is so important to stay fit and healthy during this period for so many reasons.  When we exercise, it not only gets our hearts racing, pumps blood and oxygen round […]

A message from Patrick- 3rd April 2020

Hello Indigoers!   I have greatly enjoyed hearing from you and your parents over the last couple of days and I hope that more of you are reading this now!   The first bit of news that I have today is that we are extending the deadline for the funny story writing competition until Wednesday 8th […]

A message from Patrick- 1st April 2020

Hello Indigo!   It was really good to hear from most of you today! I am glad you now all know to check the home learning page for class work. The link for it is below:   The link for MyMaths is The link for your Timetable Rockstars log ins is   […]

A message from Patrick- 30th March 2020

Hello Indigo class!   I hope you have all had a good weekend!   I’m just looking at some of the first entries for the MyMaths task that I set yesterday and I just want to remind you to get the denominators the same when comparing fractions. Also, when finding equivalent fractions, whatever you do […]

TimesTables Rockstars

Hello West Green! I’ve got your usernames and passwords for Timestables Rockstars here! It’s really easy to use and a great way to practice at home. You’ll all come back to school timestables rockstars for sure! How do you get started? It’s easy! Go to: Look for the word Login – choose Students  You’ll need our school […]

Competition time

Good day Indigo class!   I am posting this now to call on you to help save Indigo’s reputation from the misguided accusation that we are not as funny as Year 6!   Mr Spours has gone on record, saying that he thinks year 6 would be able to write a funnier story than year […]

Message from Patrick (27th March 2020)

Hello Indigo class!   I am so sorry that you have not heard from me directly this week. There have been technical issues which have meant that our class page could not be updated.   I hope you are all well and that you have been helpful to your families over the past week. I […]

Converting Measures in Year 5

We have been extremely busy in year 5 – getting used to a new teacher, starting our new topic (crime and punishment) and going on a trip!  Our main focus in maths has been converting different units of measure.  We used our skills in multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to allow us […]

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