I’m eight! Maths challenge!

Hi Yellow class,

I have a new maths challenge for you!

When I went for a walk earlier today, I saw a child with a ballon that said ‘Its my birthday!’

Well, Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday while school has been shut down or one coming up!  I hope you had or will have a lovely day!


This challenge is about finding different  ways of asking questions which make 8.

You might think of 6 + 2, or 22 – 14 …


However, try to create examples that use all the different mathematical ideas that you know about.

Perhaps you could challenge yourself to find ways of making 8 that you think no-one else will have thought of.


You can use adding, subtracting, division or multiplication! Maybe you can find 8 objects at home and use them to help you!


As always, you can email your answers through or post on the blog!

Merits for your work and extra merits on offer for great learning!


Have fun!

Miss Essor 🙂


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