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Hey West Greeners! We all can feel lots of different emotions during the day and sometimes it can get overwhelming! Talking to someone or putting your feelings down on paper can really help clear your mind! I have added a worksheet that can help you reflect on your feelings and learn how those feelings affect you. Let me know how you get along! Ocean 🙂how-i-feel-cbt-tool (1)


  • Sophia says:

    I feel bored.I feel this way because I’m missing my friends (mainly Davmie and Basmah)because they always make me smile.What I had to do is try to get in contact with Basmah by phone and we were having a lot of fun.With Davmie,I try to get in contact by using the school website (like right now)so I could enjoy some time with in fun and interactive ways.Something else I could have done is do something new like cooking on my own (which I’m getting better at)or make something to play with.

    That was how I felt during lockdown.I hope you like it.


  • Davmie says:

    This is good!

    • Davmie says:

      I feel bored, in the way of missing my Bff’s (Mainly Sophia and other) and also my teacher, Patrick, But recently I’ve been making songs and music on my own and trying to enjoy my self and my family, i Have a phone but sadly, i don’t have a sim card, But that’s Ok. i stay in contact on the school website

  • weda says:

    I feel bored I feel this way because I have to stay at home and that they is corona virus and I can t see my friends I just play around play game messege with my friends in roblox.and homework. I take a deep breath and imagine my friends and the other teachers and write story that’s what I could on of do

    • Ocean says:

      Hey Weda! I know it’s tough having to be at home for this long without seeing your friends but just remember you will get to see everyone soon! Keep imagining of all the fun and happy times you’ll be having with your friends once this lockdown is over! Maybe you could start writing all the cool things you would like to do in a diary or on a note pad. Ocean 🙂

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