Hello Year 3!

Hey guys! I’m missing you all so much. I hope you’re enjoying yourselves at home and staying safe. I can’t wait to go back to school! Does anyone feel the same? Ha! I bet you’re all saying No!

Well done to the children who are completing their homework. Every week I will give you a question, which you can reply to on this blog. Here goes my first question…

What is the difference between a Ziggurat and a Pyramid?


What were they used for?

Where were they built?

Who used them?


  • Yasmin says:

    The difference between a Pyramid and a Ziggurat is that they look different and they are used for different things.The Ziggurat was built in Ancient Mesopotamia and the Pyramid was built in Ancient Egypt.For the Ziggurat the king,the gods and the priests used it.The Ziggurat was for worshiping and the pyramid was for where the tombs are.

  • Yasmin says:


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