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September in Green Class!

Hello Year Three!     I hope you find this blog post well,   For we’ve changed classes, can’t you tell?   We’ve moved from yellow upstairs to green,   With Mr Morgan, Ms Sen and now Ms Keane,   So here’s a poem to welcome you here,   And a song below says thee. […]

Y2: Story Time in Green Class

Hello Yellow Class…   But you’ll notice that this blog has also been posted onto Green Class…   Since that is where you will be next year!   Merits are being counted later on, so make sure you’ve done as much as possible to finish the term. MyMaths, Purple Mash and your quizzes will need […]

Goodbye Year 6

Year 6 – As we haven’t been able to say goodbye in the usual way we have made you a special video to say farewell. Good luck and remember – you will ALWAYS be part of our West Green family so we will ALWAYS be here for you.

Yoga Competition Winners!

Hello everyone!! I was so happy to receive your entries for the wonderful Yoga Competition! Here are some of the entries: The Winners are: Reception: Lily Year 1: Ghofran Year 2: Saule Year 4: Lauren You can come and collect your prize from the school office on Friday or you can wait and receive it […]

Currencies around the world

Hello Year 3! This year we have been looking at different countries and I thought it would be a good idea for you to research their currencies. What I would like you to do is: Name the country and its currency What is it worth, compared to the penny or pound Any interesting facts It […]

A message from Miss Gill

Hello Year 3! Well done to all the children who are doing their Mymaths and Purple Mash work. It is very important that you do all the activities set, if you need any help or have internet problems, please email or call the school. AR Last week we didn’t have anyone in year 3 take […]

TTRS Competition

Hello West Green! Well done to the children who participated in the Timestable Rockstars Competition 2020, you will all receive a certificate in the post for your participation and hard work.   The top three children who answered the most questions are: Saffiyah in year 2 answered a whopping 754 questions!!! Aaron in year 2 […]

Yoga competition!!! Enter before Monday

Hello there, We have an awesome competition for you! There are prizes to be won in each class so make sure you send in your entries before Monday 29th June. What you have to do: Invent a yoga pose based on an animal. You can be as inventive as you would like. Take a photograph or draw a picture of your […]

Piers Torday – Writing competition

Did you know that Piers, one of our school reading volunteers, is also a famous author?   He has launched a writing competition today because it is National Writing Day. Why don’t you enter? It looks like fun and you could win a full signed set of Piers’ books and £100 book voucher. Just imagine […]

Mandarin Practice with Grace 10

Hi Year1 & Year2& Year3   This is video is special for Year1 new learning.   Year2 & Year3 children, if you still want to revise the 10 Pictographic characters, you could have a look as well.   Link   Stay safe Grace

Yoga Competition for Everyone!

Hello everyone, We have a competition! Please watch the video below for all the information you will need to enter. A big thank you to Rachel for helping me launch the competition! I really appreciate it! Please email your entries to: Deadline:  Monday 29th June 2020  There will be one winner from each class!! […]

Are you ready for a reading challenge?

Hello all West Green pupils!   Well done to everyone who is reading at home – you are practising the most important skill you will ever learn! Lots of you are quizzing using the Accelerated Reader programme too which is great to see.   Why not sign up for the summer reading challenge? This is […]

Explorify: KS2 Scientist of the Summer Competition

Hello West Green!     It’s Mr Morgan here with a science competition for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.   Explorify: Which animal is the odd one out?      Option 1 is a zeedonk. It is a cross between a zebra and a donkey.      Option 2 is a liger. It is […]


GREAT NEWS! Our school library will now be open every FRIDAY for you to change your reading books (between 9:30 – 3:30).   It is so so so important that you are reading as much as possible to make sure you are remembering all your reading skills. Plus, it goes without saying, that reading is […]

AR superstars

A huge well done to all those who have quizzed this week! I can see that you are keeping up with your reading at home and understanding the texts you have read. We are so proud of you – keep it up. Remember – reading is the most important skill you will ever learn because […]

London Rocks 2020

Hello West Green!   As part of our commitment to make maths exciting and high profile in our school, we are taking part in a friendly competition involving schools from Greater London from Monday 22nd June to Friday 26th June. It’s all done online via   For every correct answer to a multiplication or […]

Calm Jars Activity sheet

Hey westgreeners! I hope you are all well! I have added a mindful activity exercise that can help you stay calm when were stressed, sad and angry. I’ve done this for myself and it works! let me know if this helps! Ocean 🙂  

A message from Miss Gill

Hello Year 3!   Thank you for using Purple Mash and Mymaths. I am hoping more of you will start quizzing on AR. If you have quizzed on the books from school, then try quizzing on some of the books that you have at home.   Home learning links: AR: […]

Flapjack recipe

Good morning Yr 3! Hope you all well 🙂 Last weekend I decided to treat myself with a delicious and super easy flapjack. Maybe you will try…. Good luck! 😁

Wow! It is very windy outside!

Hello everyone! I have noticed it is very windy outside and I wish I had my class kite with me because this is the perfect weather to fly  it in. I did some research and found a very easy way to make a kite! If you don’t have all of the materials here are some […]

We Are All Stars – Ocean

Hey Westgreeners! I hope you’re having a good friday! I’ve added another activity sheet that explores what makes us unique! Let me know how you get along! I hope you all have a great half term! – Ocean  

Free Webinar on Internet Safety

Dear Parents/Carers,   There is a virtual parent session tomorrow, Friday 22nd May, at 3:30pm regarding Internet Safety. Click the link below to start the webinar:   Stay well   Miss Gill

‘All about me’ – Ocean

Hello WestGreeners! I hope you’re all enjoying the good weather! If you’re not able to get out today and feeling a bit bored, i’ve added a worksheet for you to complete below. All of us are unique and special. Can you draw some of the things that make you special? You can either fill in […]

A Message From Spurs!!

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Star readers – Year 3

A huge well done to Sawbanul, Yasmin and Muhammed who have taken an AR quiz this week. Great work guys. You can all have 2 merits from me when we get back to school! Year 3- I’d like to see more of you quizzing this week – as you know, reading well helps you to […]

With love from West Green

We miss you all! Watch the video to see just how much….

Gratitude Journal – Ocean

Hey West Greeners! Can you point out three things that were good about your day today? What are you grateful for? Sometimes we can forget the small things that can make us happy! I have added a 7 day gratitude journal for you to complete. Let me know how you get on 🙂 Ocean 🙂 […]

‘How I feel’ mentoring worksheet – Ocean

Hey West Greeners! We all can feel lots of different emotions during the day and sometimes it can get overwhelming! Talking to someone or putting your feelings down on paper can really help clear your mind! I have added a worksheet that can help you reflect on your feelings and learn how those feelings affect […]

Parts of a Sunflower

Hello Year 3,   The featured picture is of a sunflower. I would like you to draw your own sunflower and label the parts. Then under each label, write down what the part does, for example;   Leaves The leaves make food for the plant using sunlight and carbon dioxide from the air.   After, […]

You can now do your AR quizzes at home!

Great news everyone! You can now take your Accelerated Reader quizzes at home!   Just log on to: (It has to be this exact website address because this is the special log-in page for our school!)   Then, enter your log in details and quiz away.   If you can’t remember your log in […]

Competition time!

Hello Years 3 and 4,   It’s that time again, for the… COMPETITION!!   We would like you to create a poster. You are a mad scientist and have invented a new vegetable. What is it called? What does it look like? What does it taste like? Most importantly: Is it safe to eat? You […]

Calling all creative West Green children….

Groundswell Arts project are running some fun arty events in the local area and we’d love it if you could get involved! Photo trail: They are asking our children and their families to take photographs of the wonderful inside world of lock-down that we are currently living in. The artists will then bring these pictures […]

Build a tiny plant world.

Hello Year 3!   I hope you’re all well and ready to start a new week 🙂 Today, I would like to share with you one of my ideas for ‘plants in a jar.’ Watch the following clip and make your own plant. Then share it with us and tell us what changes you have […]

Purple Mash

Hello West Green!   Purple Mash is a great website to keep our children learning throughout this lockdown. Everyday there are activities for the children to complete. Teachers will email the children’s username, passwords (same as their Mymaths) and guidance on how to use Purple Mash. Its super easy, follow the link below:   […]

The winner is….

Watch the video to find out who has won the Year 3/4 story writing competition this week…. Here is the winning entry. Enjoy! Make sure you enter next week’s competition everyone! Jenny   My name is Heshina Mungur and I am a superhero with healing powers. Today, I will share a story about how I […]


Hello, Since we left school, I have been baking lots and lots and I thought I would share some of my recipes and you can share yours. Last week, I baked bread. Bread Ingredients 1 cup of warm milk 1 cup of warm water 3 cups of flour 1 tablespoon of sugar 1 tablespoon of […]

Hello Genelle here with a song…!

Hi West Green! I have been keeping busy by singing. It’s always a good day to sing, do you have a favourite song? Lots of Love Genelle

Send me your questions about the UK!

Hello there!   Exciting news! I’m going to record an interview between me and three special people who come from different parts of the UK.   However I’m not going to ask the questions. I need you!       Yes I need you! You will need to write the questions. I will then ask […]

Year 3 and 4

Hi year 3 and 4. Check out this link. Its all about pitch and melody and there’s fun activities as well. If you can then print out this puzzle book. There’s some lovely pictures for you to colour in and some great puzzles for you to solve. Good luck !!!  

Year 3&4 Superpower Story Competition

Hello wonderful Years 3 and 4 🙂   It is time for the next writing competition!   For this competition we would like you to write a story about you helping someone with your superpower!   You must:   Choose a superpower of your choice (speed, teleportation, flying, mind-reading, shape-shifting etc.) Think about how you […]

Who wrote the best Spring poem?

Watch the video to see who won the Spring poetry competition. There will be another competition posted soon so please keep checking your class blogs! I would LOVE to see ALL of you enter the next competition. It is a really fun away of keeping up with your learning at home. Hoping you are all […]


Hello Green Class, I hope you all enjoyed the Easter holiday.  It was lovely to hear that you’re all doing so well. So, this weeks question is, what do you know about magnets?  Answer the following questions:  What is a magnet and what does it do? Which materials are magnetic? Why do magnets attract and […]

Staying Fit, Healthy and Active!

Hi all, After speaking to my year 6’s, many have told me they are using the Joe Wick’s P.E videos, which is brilliant.   It is so important to stay fit and healthy during this period for so many reasons.  When we exercise, it not only gets our hearts racing, pumps blood and oxygen round […]

TimesTables Rockstars

Hello West Green! I’ve got your usernames and passwords for Timestables Rockstars here! It’s really easy to use and a great way to practice at home. You’ll all come back to school timestables rockstars for sure! How do you get started? It’s easy! Go to: Look for the word Login – choose Students  You’ll need our school […]

Hello Year 3!

Hey guys! I’m missing you all so much. I hope you’re enjoying yourselves at home and staying safe. I can’t wait to go back to school! Does anyone feel the same? Ha! I bet you’re all saying No! Well done to the children who are completing their homework. Every week I will give you a […]

Spring Poetry Competition!

This is a competition for Year 3 and 4 to write a poem about Spring.  Tips to help you get started: draw a mind map of all the things you know about Spring research some new information about spring and add this to your mind map Deadline: Wednesday 8th April 2020   Submission: via email […]

The Great Fire of London

In year 3 we were learning about how London had changed. We were inspired by a story about a dog who had escaped the ‘Great Fire of London’. We decided we would write our own story from an animals perspective. We acted out parts of the scene to help us use our senses to describe […]

Light and Shadows performance

Haringey Shed worked with year 3 to create a show based on ‘Light and Shadows’ because that is what our Science topic was. The children paired up and one child was the other childs shadow. Their shadow played tricks on them when they weren’t looking and then they lost them. So they used a torch […]

Trip to London

We visited to see the different sites. We saw The London Eye, The changing of the Guards Procession, the River Thames and then we had a picnic in St James’s Park.

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