Friday 5th June: Y2 Merits UPDATED

The weekly merit post is back! With a special video treat…


Nickelodeon Winning GIF by Kids Choice Sports 2017 - Find & Share ...


Let’s celebrate all of your efforts by seeing how many merits you’ve won. I’d like to make a special mention to Safiyyah this week, who took pride in her work and made a beautiful illustration to go with her wonderful Brum diary.


Brum diary


Vihansa’s writing was very similar, with beautiful joins and a lovely illustration! Well done to everyone who wrote a diary entry. If you haven’t finished yet, you will still win a merit if you send it. The same for any leaflets about the UK! Just send them to




Look and Read: Through the Dragon’s Eye Episode One


When Mr Morgan was in primary school, his teacher showed him and his class mates this TV show. There are ten episodes, and I will share them with you over the next six weeks.


Three children from a school near you create an amazing painting on their wall, which turns into a magical portal into another world! Here they meet the Pelamots who are in grave danger. A book will tell them how to save the day, but none of the Pelamots can read! It’s up to the children to save the day by using their reading skills. Can you help them?





The Merits


Comments (MAX score: 5) – Saule 5, Vihansa 5, Aaron 5, Safiyyah 5, Yi-Xuan 3, Nariyah 2, Kianosh 2, Nala 2, Yasmin 1, Adem 1, Melina 1


MyMaths (2 if 70% or above. 1 if less than 70%) – Saule 2, Razvan 2, Yi-Xuan 2, Nala 2, Adem 2, Safiyyah 2, Aaron 2, Vihansa 2, Nariyah 2, Melina 2.

I set Albino some special activities which he did during the half term. 2 merits for him as well.


Purple Mash (2 if all 2Dos are completed. 1 if some are completed) – Saule 2, Yi-Xuan 2, Aaron 2, Safiyyah 2, Vihansa 2, Nariyah 2, Melina 2, Albino 1, Adem 1, Yasmin 1, Josepha 1

Bonus merit for Adem for doing extra research on dinosaurs and sending it to me on Purple Mash. 


Times Tables Rockstars (1 for practising this week) – Melina 1, Safiyyah 1, Aaron 1, Vihansa 1, Saule 1, Kianosh 1


100% Quizzes (MAX score: 5) – Vihansa 5, Safiyyah 4, Kianosh 4, Saule 3, Aaron 3, Melina 1, Josepha 1

I hope you are keeping your books closed when you quiz!

Vihansa somehow scored ten 100% scores. My mind is blown. Rules are rules, but I will give you a bonus merit for quizzing every day in the half term.

Meanwhile Aaron scored 80% on a book that had a level of 6.5. I’ve informed Oxford and Cambridge University. Bonus merit given.


Work Sent to (MAX score: 5) – Saule 5, Aaron 5, Yi-Xuan 3, Vihansa 3, Safiyyah 3.

Bonus merit went to Saule who edited her entire diary entry after I gave feedback to her about writing in the first person.

Only five of you sent me work this week! I expect a lot more!




Total for this week – Find your name!


19 merits – Saule, Aaron and Vihansa… I’m so proud of all three of you. Everything I set, you do. You are amazing!


Professor Harry Potter GIFs | Tenor


17 merits – Safiyyah… Amazing as well!

10 merits – Yi-Xuan… Scoring more merits every week!

7 merits – Kianosh… Great quizzing this week! Try to get ten merits next week. 

7 merits – Melina… Well done but I know you can score more merits! If you work hard you’ll reach 100 soon!

6 merits – Nariyah… Well done! Try to get ten merits next week.

5 merits – Adem… Some good learning at home, but can you score ten merits next week?

4 merits – Nala… Well done, but I need to get you on Purple Mash just like Nariyah!

3 merits – Albino… Try to get more next week!

2 merits – Yasmin… I believe you can score more!

2 merits – Razvan… It was great to see you logging into MyMaths this week. Keep this up and try Purple Mash!

2 merits – Josepha… Well done on your 100% quiz, make sure you do your MyMaths at least!


I know some children are working on tasks being given by the school office, such as Iman and Rehan. I hope to give them merits when I see this work in the future! However, if you have a computer, and you’ve scored zero merits, I’d like you to try harder. I don’t expect everyone to complete all of the tasks like Saule, Vihansa, Aaron and Safiyyah do, but I do want you to try some and watch all the videos.




Altogether Total


105 merits – Vihansa

102 merits – Saule

97 merits – Aaron

89 merits – Safiyyah

73 merits – Melina

50 merits – Kianosh

41 merits – Nala

39 merits – Adem

31 merits – Yi-Xuan and Yasmin

26 merits – Nariyah

17 merits – Albino

16 merits – Asabea

10 merits – Josepha

8 merits – Edasu

7 merits – Dila

5 merits – Razvan

4 merits – Demi

3 merits – Amirah




Next Week and Comments


Look out for more lessons, puzzles and challenges, including another Fun Thursday at the Seaside and another 2 episodes of Through the Dragon’s Eye.


In the comments – did you enjoy episode one? Who is your favourite character?










  • Jenny says:

    Well done Year 2! I can see that lots of you are keeping up with your learning at home.. We are so proud of you all.

    A special well done to Safiyyah – what a beautifully presented diary entry!

    Well done too to Vihansa who is at the top of the meriits table. However, Saule is a close second and Aron a close third. I wonder who will win the most merits next week?

    Congratulations to all of you – you are all superstars! Keep up the good work everyone.

    Stay safe – stay strong!


  • Jenny says:

    p.s. I remember Through the Dragon’s Eye too! I remember watching it with my classmates on a small TV screen that our teacher wheeled into class on a special trolley. When I went to school, we only had one TV in the whole school and only 1 computer! Yes, just one! Why do you think my school was like that?

    Hope you enjoy the video gang!

  • Saule says:

    Hello, that was a nice video about a dragon 😁😀.
    I’m interested how they gonna find the other three parts ?🤔

  • Mr Morgan says:

    Only one TV in the whole school! Wow, that’s amazing Jenny. I was in Year Two in the year 1998. I remember we had one big TV that was on wheels! The only computers were in Year Six and I think there were only two of them.

    We had no interactive whiteboards either. The teachers used something called an overhead projector. I think our children might need to google that!

  • Vihansa says:

    I like the video. My favourite character is Jenny.

  • aaron says:

    HI MR Morgan my favourite character is the dragon because he can fly and do other cool tricks

  • Adem says:

    Hello Mr Morgan,
    I like the video , my favourite character is the dragon because he can fly and breath fire .

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