Friday 3rd July: TTDE and Merits at 5 o’clock

Have you completed at least one piece of home learning this week? I’m expecting this!




Reading quizzes:


Purple Mash:


Your merits are coming later, along with a video from Mr Morgan. Please make sure you have completed all of your Purple Mash, your MyMaths and quizzed on your books. Don’t forget to change your books at school today!


Please send pictures of your Sports Day or your colouring to in order to win as many merits as possible.






Numbers Index


Safiyyah (2 merits) scored the most points in the Times Tables Rockstars competition last week. She wasn’t just the highest scorer in Yellow Class, but the highest scorer in the whole school! Aaron, Saule and Melina also managed to score points (1 merit each). Times Tables Rockstars is not available this week as Mary and Ms Gill have to decide whether or not to renew the subscription.



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Loads of AR quizzes have been taken in the last three weeks. You can still win merits if you quiz TODAY! You will also win merits next week for quizzing, so make sure you visit the school so you can change your books! Having trouble logging in? Email


Since I last checked on Friday 12th June, 10 children have taken a combined 78 quizzes, with an average score of 92%.


Asabea – 4 quizzes – 2x 100%

Saule – 6 quizzes – 5x 100%

Yasmin – 2 quizzes – 1x 100%

Josepha – 1 quiz – 1x 100%

Adem – 9 quizzes – 5x 100%

Kianosh – 2 quizzes – 2x 100% (but your books are too easy)

Safiyyah – 12 quizzes – 10x 100%

Aaron – 22 quizzes – 20x 100%

Vihansa – 13 quizzes – 12x 100%

Melina – 9 quizzes – 5x 100%


If your name is not on this list, you should visit school and get some books! Just remember, you can only visit on Fridays. This will be particularly important next week. It is important you have books to read at home over the summer holiday.


Merits will be awarded later, however remember the maximum number of merits per week for quizzing is 5, so the maximum I can give for three weeks worth of quizzes is equal to 5 x 3…





Through the Dragon’s Eye – Episode Seven


Gorwen is on his way back to meet Charn. The others must keep searching for the last missing veeton.



I thought the Widgets were very mean today! There will be two more episodes next week. We’re getting closer to the end…




Comments Challenge


In video there were quite a lot of compound words mentioned.


Waterfall, sunshine, shortcake, wholemeal and notebook were just five of the compound words in the episode.


A compound word is when two words are joined together to make one word. What others compound words do you know? Tell me!


  • Saule says:

    Hello Mr. Morgan,

    thank you ?

    • Mr Morgan says:

      That’s an excellent list! My favourite word from that list is ‘chatterbox’.

      I like that word because words ending with -x sound cool. Like ‘paradox’ or ‘annex’.

  • Vihansa says:

    Rainbow, sunflower, airport, blueberry, laptop, milkshake, lighthouse, newspaper, nobody, policeman, snowball, starfish, watermelon, teaspoon, football, fireworks, headband, raincoat, raindrop, without, worksheet, subway, ice cream

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Very nice list! The words ‘ice cream’ do not join together like the others, so you can’t call it a compound word.

      ‘ice hockey’ and ‘ice skating’ are also not compound words. However ‘icebox’ is a compound word because you can join them together.

  • Yi Xuan Lin says:

    Seashells, ladybug, football, basketball, lighthouse, butterfly, pillowcase, doorbell, footprint, watermelon, sunflower, playground, firemen, mankind, treehouse, beachball, sunset, sunrise, Sunday, nightclub, seasick, seaside, airport, runway, aircraft, fireball, laptop, sandstorm, desktop.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      What a fantastic long list!

      There are lots of compound words with ‘ball’ on the end. You’ve already found four.

      Handball and netball are two others. I wonder if there are anymore?

  • Aaron says:

    Hi Mr Morgan.
    Raincoat, starfish, moonlight, football,goldfish, popcorn, butterfly, lipstick,cupcake, bookshelf, sunflower, rainbow, earthquake, eyeball, blackberry, basketball,toothbrush, snowflake, fireplace, cheesecake, pancake, snowman, catfish, earring, teapot, housewife, watermelon, sunglasses, cowboy, backpack, footprint, lunchbox, bulldog, superhero, jellybean, bathtub, carsick,downstairs, seafood, textbook, corkscrew,scarecrow, backbone, bedtime.fireman, grasshopper, breakfast, gingerbread, airport.
    Thank you.

  • Safiyyah says:

    Anymore,bedroom,anyway,armchair,baseball, beachball,flapjack,aircraft,bluebell,bookcase and backslide.

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