Friday 26th June: Another TTDE!

Yello Hellow Class!


If you are reading this message, then I’m not quite ready to count up the merits yet as I’m still recovering. I typed this message before my surgery and by today I hoped to be able to say hello with a little video message. However, I hope to do all of the counting and to send you my message next week.


I hope you’ve been enjoying Through the Dragon’s Eye! On Tuesday you watched episode five where a new character was introduced. His name was Charn. Hopefully you’ve finished your character description about Charn and sent it to for Krishna to read. If you haven’t done so yet, please send it as soon as you can! Please also finish your fun at the seaside work if you need to.


How can Maurice and Jenny stop Charn from bringing evil upon Pelamar? Will the group find another veeton? Let’s see what happens in the next episode. Remember there are ten episodes in total!





Comments Challenge


How is your science project coming along? Tell me what you’ve noticed so far from your plants. Have your plants sprouted


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