Friday 24th April: Y2 Merit Table and your photos!

Good afternoon yellow class! Our first week of the summer term is finished. I’ve been so impressed with the amount of children commenting and sending me emails to my new special address:



Me and Ms Essor have so far sent a reply to each email. We’d love to send even more replies next week!


So please keep commenting and keep sending work. Also, please reply to your comments. Look at this!




Here Vihansa has clicked on the yellow reply button to talk back to me. Please do this! Like Saule…




Doing this will help you to learn and make progress. So please check old blog posts and reply to your comments.


Me or Ms Essor will always reply!



Photos of children reading or working at home. Please keep sending them!




Merits for this week!


There have been so many merits handed out this week! Merits are awarded for the following things.

  1. Sending an email to with finished work set by a teacher, or with things that impress us!
  2. Making a useful comment on the website. You will only get 1 comment per blog post, but you can get a 2nd merit if you reply to a message by me or Ms Essor.
  3. By completing the latest set work on MyMaths. Not old tasks, the latest task. 2 merits if it’s done well.
  4. By logging on to Times Table Rockstars and practicing your times table speed.


12 merits – Vihansa – 5x comments, 4x work sent, 2x mymaths, 1 for times table rockstars

11 merits – Saule – 5x comments, 3x work sent, 2x mymaths, 1 for times table rockstars

10 merits – Nala – 4x comments, 4x work sent, 2x mymaths

8 merits – Safiyyah – 1x comment, 4x work sent, 2x mymaths, 1 for times table rockstars

8 merits – Kianosh – 4x comments, 1x work sent, 2x mymaths, 1 for times table rockstars

7 merits – Yasmin – 5x comments, 2x mymaths

5 merits – Aaron – 3x work sent, 2x mymaths

4 merits – Melina1x comment, 2x mymaths, 1 for times table rockstars

3 merits – Nariyah – 2x comments, 1x work sent

2 merits – Adem – 2x mymaths only

1 merit – Yi-Xuan – 1x comment

Everyone else – No merits! Hopefully next week you can make more comments, email me work and complete your mymaths task.



Total merits for learning at home – Friday 24th April 3:40pm

1st place – Saule – 25 merits

2nd place – Vihansa – 21 merits

3rd place – Nala – 18 merits

4th place – Melina – 17 merits

5th place – Yasmin and Safiyyah – 14 merits

6th place – Kianosh – 13 merits

7th place – Aaron – 12 merits

8th place – Adem – 6 merits

9th place – Nariyah – 5 merits

10th place – Asabea, Edasu and Yi-Xuan – 4 merits

11th place – Amirah – 3 merits

12th place – Josepha and Dila – 2 merits

13th place – Demi – 1 merit

Everyone else – 0 merits



Times Table Rockstars Link


Log in details for Times Table Rockstars

TimesTables RockStars!


If you’d like to make a comment below, please tell me one thing that made you smile this week. If you make a comment, me or Ms Essor will reply with one thing that made us happy this week! 


Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Morgan and Ms Essor



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