Friday 17th April: Y2 Merit League Table and Word Search!

Hello Yellow Class!


The holidays are over, five weeks of learning from home is about to begin. We’ll be covering:


Maths – Patterns and turns, Numbers to 1000, capacity and volume.


Pin on Math worksheet       Capacity explained for primary-school parents | Converting units ...


Geography – The United Kingdom


Flag of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia      The Giant's Causeway |


Science – How do humans stay healthy?


How to Stay Healthy While Running a Business - Wave Blog - Wave Blog       Staying Healthy! | Teaching Resources


Reading – Look out for some extra reading and comprehension questions about our topics.

**Send photos of yourselves reading to

**I’d love to post them on one of these blogs!


Writing – Look out for some colossal writing challenges about our topics.


New merits for work complete in the holidays:

Vihansa – 9 merits – 4x comments, 2x work sent, 2x mymaths, 1 for times table rockstars

Melina – 6 merits – 3x comments, 2x mymaths, 1 for times table rockstars

Saule – 6 merits – 3x comments, 1 for work sent, 2x mymaths

Aaron – 3 merits – 1 for work sent, 2x mymaths

Asabea – 2 merits – 2x work sent

Kianosh – 2 merits, 1 for a comment, 1 for mymaths

Adem – 2 merits – 1 for work sent, 1 for mymaths

Dila – 2 merits – 2x mymaths

Yasmin – 2 merits – 2x mymaths

Nala – 2 merits – 2x mymaths

Safiyyah – 2 merits – 2x mymaths

Edasu – 1 merit – 1 for maths

Amirah – 1 merit – 1 for mymaths

Demi – 1 merit – 1 for mymaths


Only two children have logged into times table rockstars in the last two weeks! For more information about times table rockstars, please click on this link below:

TimesTables RockStars!


Total merits for learning at home as of Friday 17th April 3:30pm.

1st place – Saule – 14 merits

2nd place – Melina – 13 merits

3rd place – Vihansa – 9 merits

4th place – Nala – 8 merits

5th place – Yasmin and Aaron – 7 merits

6th place – Safiyyah – 6 merits

7th place – Kianosh – 5 merits

8th place – Asabea, Edasu and Adem – 4 merits

9th place – Yi-Xuan and Amirah – 3 merits

10th place – Josepha, Nariyah and Dila – 2 merits

11th place – Demi – 1 merit

Everybody else – I hope you are out there somewhere!


How can I win merits and get to the top of the leaderboard?


You get 1 merit for sending work to

If there’s loads of work on one email, you might get 2 merits if you’re lucky!


You get 1 merit for any comment. Scroll down and type me a message!


You get 2 merits for completing mymaths well. If you don’t score above 70% on both tasks then I will only give you 1 merit.


You get 1 merit for practising your times tables on times tables rockstars. I can see the last time you’ve practised, only Melina and Vihansa have done so in the holidays.


One last thing… a word search! See if you can find words about the United Kingdom below. Go onto google maps and search for the cities of Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. Where are they? Why are they important? Tell me in the comments!


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