Friday 15th May: Y2 Merits Updated NOW!

Well done to all the merit winners for this week!


You can email any work over the weekend to and it will count next week. You can complete your leaflets next week too, since I said that it was OK to work on it for two weeks. If you would like to make another one for a different country next week, that would be great! Nobody has made me one for Northern Ireland yet…


Comment Merits – There were 6 blog posts you could’ve commented on to win merits.

6 merits – Vihansa, Aaron and Saule

4 merits – Adem, Safiyyah and Albino

3 merits – Melina and Dila

2 merits – Kianosh

1 merit – Yasmin


Merits for work sent to

5 merits – Saule and Aaron

4 merits – Vihansa and Safiyyah

2 merits – Asabea and Nala

1 merit – Kianosh, Melina, Nariyah, Albino, Adem and Josepha


Purple Mash

2 merits for completing all 2Dos – Yasmin, Kianosh, Aaron, Melina, Vihansa, Saule and Safiyyah

1 merit for completing some – Yi-Xuan, Josepha, Albino, Adem and Edasu



2 merits for completing the measuring task – Saule, Yasmin, Yi-Xuan, Josepha, Nala, Adem, Safiyyah, Aaron, Vihansa and Melina

The next activities will be visible on Monday. You cannot do them on Saturday or Sunday!


Times Table Rockstars

Well done to Aaron for setting lots of challenges! If you want to compete against each other, play ROCK SLAM.

1 merit – Albino, Safiyyah, Saule, Yasmin, Adem, Kianosh, Aaron, Vihansa and Melina


100% Quizzes

Well done to anyone who quizzed but especially Saule and Melina who had four books, and scored 100% on each one. Well done!

If you call the school office, you might be able to arrange a time to get new books to read and quiz on. 

4 merits – Saule and Melina

2 merits – Aaron, Vihansa and Safiyyah

1 merit – Adem and Kianosh




Total merits for the week between Monday May 11th and Friday May 15th

20 merits – Saule (another new weekly record!)

18 merits – Aaron

17 merits – Vihansa

15 merits – Safiyyah

13 merits – Melina

10 merits – Adem

7 merits – Albino and Kianosh

6 merits – Yasmin

4 merits – Nala and Josepha

3 merits – Dila and Yi-Xuan

2 merits – Asabea

1 merit – Nariyah and Edasu

That’s 131 merits for the class this week, another new record! Well done everyone!



Merits since we started learning at home!


1st place – Saule – 69 merits

2nd place – Vihansa – 66 merits

3rd place – Aaron – 60 merits

4th place – Safiyyah – 54 merits

5th place – Melina – 52 merits

WOW TO MY TOP FIVE! When I see you again, I have to give all of you more than fifty merits. WOW!

6th place –  Nala – 36 merits

7th place – Kianosh – 35 merits

8th place – Adem – 26 merits

9th place – Yasmin – 25 merits

10th place – Nariyah – 19 merits

11th place – Asabea – 14 merits

12th place – Yi-Xuan – 13 merits

13th place – Albino – 10 merits

14th place – Josepha and Edasu – 7 merits

15th place – Dila – 6 merits

16th place – Razvan and Amirah – 3 merits

17th place – Demi – 2 merits




If you want to make a comment, tell me what you’ve really enjoyed doing this week. It doesn’t have to be anything about home school!


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Finally – I will make phone calls to everyone on Wednesday or Thursday next week!


Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Morgan and Ms Essor 🙂


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