*UPDATED* Friday 12th June: Merits + TTDE

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Hello Yellow Class! This blog post has been updated, watch my video below as I explain what is happening for the rest of Year 2.





Merits for this week


Purple Mash Merits (All work complete = 2 merits. Some work complete = 1 merit)

2 merits – Yi-Xuan, Demi, Albino, Aaron, Vihansa, Safiyyah, Melina and Saule

1 merit – Adem, Nariyah, Yasmin 

Bonus merit – Demi for sending me this lovely postcard. It was great to see Demi using Purple Mash for the first time this week, very well done!

Sorry for the blurry photo!


MyMaths merits (Both 2x table and 10x table activities complete with 70% or higher scored = 2 merits)

2 merits – Saule, Yi-Xuan, Nala, Nariyah, Safiyyah, Aaron, Vihansa, Melina, Albino*

1 merit – Kianosh, Adem

*Albino had different MyMaths tasks to do, but scored above 70% in all of them. Very well done!


Times Table Rockstars (1 merit for proof you have played a game and practised)

1 merit – Safiyyah, Melina, Aaron, Vihansa, Albino, Saule, Kianosh and Nariyah

Bonus merit to Safiyyah who now has the most coins, with an astonishing 47,182 coins, the most in the whole school!


100% AR Quizzes (Maximum score – 5. Your merit will not count if your quiz is below your reading level in March.)

4 merits – Safiyyah and Vihansa

2 merits – Aaron (I am not counting books that are too easy for you!)

1 merit – Melina

Unlucky to Saule and Adem who quizzed and did well, but didn’t score 100%. Hopefully some of you will have gone to school to change your books. If you did not do this, please visit school next Friday so you can start quizzing again!


Comments (Maximum score – 5)

5 merits – Adem, Saule, Vihansa, Aaron, Safiyyah and Melina

3 merits – Yi-Xuan and Dila

2 merits – Albino

1 merit – Nala and Nariyah

Yasmin – I do not count comments where you just type the word ‘okay’! I know you can type longer messages. Show me 🙂

Kianosh – I missed you this week, I hope I hear from you again next week. 🙂

There were loads this week! It was great to see you replying to each other and asking each other questions. I want this to keep happening and maybe more people will join in!


Work sent to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com (Maximum score – 5)

5 merits – Saule, Safiyyah and Aaron

4 merits – Vihansa and Albino

3 merits – Adem

2 merits – Nala and Yi-Xuan

1 merit –  Demi

A bonus merit was won by Nala for great progress in her handwriting. Well done! 

I had emails from Asabea and Nariyah, but I can’t award merits unless there is work attached!

Melina – I suspect you are becoming a computer whizz, but I would like you to use your hands as well to draw and to write!




Total Merits won for the week


20 merits – SafiyyahThat’s a new record for one week! Superb work Safiyyah!

18 merits – Vihansa – Impressive

17 merits – Aaron – Also impressive

15 merits – Saule – Also impressive, would be higher if you scored 100% in your quizzes!

11 merits – Melina and Albino – Great effort Albino to score the same as Melina! Maybe you will beat her next week?

10 merits – Adem – Reaching ten is always amazing. Well done!

9 merits – Yi-Xuan – So close to ten!

6 merits – Nala – If you score ten every week from now until the end, you could reach 100 merits…

5 merits – Nariyah – I believe you can score the most one week, if you really set your mind to it!

4 merits – Demi – That’s your most in one week Demi! 

3 merits – Dila – Thank you for the comments, but do the work I emailed you as well to score more merits!

2 merits – KianoshI know you can score higher than that. More comments and more emails please!

1 merit – Yasmin  – I want to see more comments and more work from you!

Let’s hope we get some merits won by children missing from this list next week. Now we are learning at home for the rest of Year 2, I expect everyone to be doing at least one thing each week. 




Total merits for learning at home


123 merits – Vihansa

117 merits – Saule

114 merits – Aaron

109 merits – Safiyyah

84 merits – Melina

52 merits – Kianosh

49 merits – Ademup one place! 🙂

47 merits – Nala

40 merits – Yi-Xuan – up one place! 🙂

32 merits – Yasmin

31 merits – Nariyah

28 merits – Albino

16 merits – Asabea

10 merits – Dila and Josepha – Dila up one place! 🙂

8 merits – Edasu and Demi – Demi up one place! 🙂

5 merits – Razvan

3 merits – Amirah




TTDE = Through the Dragon’s Eye


Remember what an acronym means? It’s when only the first letter of each word is used to spell something new. Today is episode three. Remember there are ten in total. Enjoy watching it, and then have a go at today’s comments challenge – acronyms!


Fun fact – in this episode when he was at primary school, Mr Morgan learned what a ‘quagmire’ was. Look out for the word in the episode.



Do you now know what a quagmire is? What other words do you remember that began with qu? 


Make me a list of words beginning with ‘qu’ and send them to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com if you want!



Comments Challenge – Figure out these acronyms!



2. LOL


4. ROI

5. KFC


Tell me in the comments your answers!



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