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Hello West Green!


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It’s Mr Morgan here with a competition for children in Reception, Year One and Year Two.


Explorify – Which leaf is the odd one out?


  1. Succulent spiky Agave plant   2.   bright green European beech leaves     3.  Vast, green and circular Victoria water lilies


All you have to do is tell me which number you think is the odd one out and you have to tell me why. Please leave a comment to enter the competition. Also if you are in Reception or Year One, you can give your answer to your teachers and they will email Mr Morgan.


The best answer will be one of two scientists of the summer, who will be rewarded with a certificate and a prize in September. 


The more detailed and scientific your answer is, the more likely you will win.


Age will be considered. So Year Two children will be expected to write a lot more than a Reception child!


You have until Friday July 10th to come up with your best answer.


  • Melina Ada says:

    Hi Mr Morgan,
    I think the odd one out is number 1. because it has spikes and the others do NOT have spikes at all.

  • yasmin says:

    hi Mr Morgan the odd one out is number 3 because it is in water

  • Hi Mr Morgan,
    I think the odd one out is number 3, because is sitting on the water, and its not sinking.
    It is a nice round shape, with edges around.
    I saw a Disney movie, where the frogs they was sitting on this leaf and singing.
    Thank you

  • kianosh says:

    the third leaf because they is no spikes and is a nice round leaf

  • Albino says:

    Hi, Mr Morgan.
    I think the odd one out is number 3 because is floats in the water.And is also so beautiful and round shape.

  • Aisha Zulfiqar says:

    Aisha Zulfiqar, Hi Mr Morgan

    The odd one out is number 3 is the correct answer. Because it is in a water and in circle shape.

  • Yi Xuan says:

    I think the 3rd one is the odd one out because it has a circle but the rest have none.Also, it’s in the pond.

  • Saule says:

    Hello Mr Morgan,
    I think the odd one out is number 3 because is floats in the water.

  • Safiyyah says:

    I think the odd one out is number 2 because it is transparent, it can rip easily and it is not in the water and not on the sand.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      You can see through them a little bit. Therefore, we call these leaves ‘translucent’. That means we can see through it a bit, but not very clearly.

      It’s halfway between transparent and opaque.

  • Vihansa says:

    I think odd one out is no 3, because that is the only one grows in the water. It is a water plant. They called Aquatic plants They live in saltwater or freshwater.

  • Mr Morgan says:

    I have chosen a winner, you shall all find out soon.

    I also want to say a big well done to Aisha for having a go from Year 1, well done for taking on all of my scientists in Year 2 Aisha!

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