Dear Violet Class

Hello Year 6,


Today we have a special message for you! Click on the link to open the letter or read below 🙂



Dear Violet Class,


First things first – we miss you! School feels empty without all of your smiley faces. We miss saying good morning to you when you walk through the door, seeing you play football at breaktime, and seeing all of your hard work in class. We miss you coming to tell us about your most recent scores and celebrating your success with you. We couldn’t be more proud of how you have handled yourself during this time. Your resilience and flexibility in taking charge of your learning has shown great maturity.


Monday May 11th 2020 should have been the start of SATs week. We didn’t want to let this day go by without stopping to take a moment to recognise your achievements this year. You came into school into September ready for year 6. Throughout this year you’ve shown constant determination and resilience. You listened to your teachers, did extra work at home and you didn’t give up when things got hard. Even before school closed so many of you continued to come to school. You showed resilience and maturity. For these reasons and so many more we are so proud of you.


We want you to know that even though you are not here, all of that work hasn’t been wasted – all of that work has made you astounding learners! You have listened to your teachers and each other, you have thought about your answers and articulated your responses, you’ve worked well in pairs and in groups to support each other with your learning. You have not been afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. We saw you set goals for yourselves and surpass them. All of these skills make you the incredible individuals that you are. This progress is yours to have regardless of how different this year has been and regardless of whether or not you take a test. These skills will make you ready for the next challenge – whatever that may be!


So, don’t be sad or disappointed that you do not get the opportunity to show off and smash your end of year SATs – they are just one tiny piece of your primary school journey and we are SO proud of that journey.


On this day we want you to stop and take a special moment to be proud of all you have achieved this year. We miss you so much and can’t wait for the opportunity to celebrate your success and give you a proper send off to secondary school.




Mary, Jenny, Adrien, Lou and Mr. Spours

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