Competition time

Good day Indigo class!


I am posting this now to call on you to help save Indigo’s reputation from the misguided accusation that we are not as funny as Year 6!


Mr Spours has gone on record, saying that he thinks year 6 would be able to write a funnier story than year 5! I tried to correct him on this matter but, like on so many other issues, he just refuses to listen to reason. Of course only one of us can be right so we decided the best way to settle it would be to have a competition!


In order to claim our rightful place as the funniest class in the school all pupils from both classes must write a funny story and email it to the school. The funniest story wins. The individual winner will be able to choose a book of their choice and we will order it to be sent to your home address!


The rules are:

  • All entries must be emailed to
  • Must be sent by Wed 1st of April (April fools day)
  • Winner will be announced on Friday the 3rd by our well respected resident comedian Jenny.
  • A short story/recount/ poem no longer than 500 words.
  • Remember who the audience is – cannot be too rude!
  • Must include plenty of description (no lonely nouns)
  • Must include a variety of sentence openers
  • Must include examples of using commas, brackets and dashes for parentheses.


Good luck Indigo class. Remember to punctuate correctly and follow the rules carefully. I am really excited to read them all!


Take care,




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