Black History Month – Year Six

In year six, in relation to black history month, we spent time researching the experiences of those who travelled from the Caribbean in the late 1940’s to Britain, to help rebuild the country after world war two. The Windrush Generation’s story was very appropriate for

us as we have been studying Britain during the war, therefore have a good understanding of h

ow in need the country was when it made the call out to the commonwealth for workers to come and help rebuild the country.
We found it fa

scinating studying the experiences of the journey on the HMS Windrush, the cost, the

accommodation and how they passed the time. Most importantly, we studied their experiences when they arrived in the UK – not just the cold weather – but sadly often racism, prejudice and discrimination when trying to settle into their new home.
We decided to apply our new found knowledge to informal letter writing, from the perspective of a child writing home to their family, explaining the storm of emotions from excitement to confusion and sadness. Please read some of our writing pieces below!

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