Black History Month

In year four, in relation to black history month, we spent time researching the experiences of those who traveled from the Caribbean in the late 1940’s to Britain, to help rebuild the country after world war two.


We found it fascinating studying the experiences of the journey on the HMS Windrush. We focused our lessons on exploring what life was like before people traveled to the Britain, exploring different aspects of Caribbean culture. We also learnt about some of the challenges that people faced when they arrived to Britain.


Secondly, we had a guest speaker come into the class to talk with the children about racism and some of the ways that society can help to become anti-racists. The speaker talked about the organisation that they volunteer for, ‘stand up to racism’, and how they have been a part of pivotal movements, including Black Lives Matter.


Thirdly, we learnt about LGBT+ civil rights activist Marsha P Johnson. The class created identity headbands which they showed off some of their hobbies and interests.


During our assembly, we collectively displayed everything we learned about to the rest of the school.

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