Animal sentence game

Hi Yellow Class,

You know how much I love English so I wanted to challenge you to a sentence game.

Animal game

I am going to make a list of animals.

You have to pick an animal and write a sentence about it – they can be playful/funny if you want!


I will put in certain criteria, e.g. use a simile, use
two adjectives, use an adverb, use ‘after’,
use ‘when’, for example but you can include as much detail in your sentence as you like!



For example:

The scary snake tickled the terrifying tiger with his tremendous tongue!


In my example I used the word terrifying as I chose a tiger. I added alliteration ‘scary snake’ and also an exclamation mark !

You can also mention other animals in your sentence!


  • Alligator  – use two adjectives

  • Bear – use the word ‘Rapid’

  • Crocodile – use some alliteration e.g. words beginning with the same first letter as crocodile

  • Dolphin  – use an adverb (ly word)

  • Flamingo – use three adjectives

  • Giraffe – use an exclamation point !

  • Hippo  – use the word ‘hungry’

  • Kangaroo  – use the word ‘when’

  • Lion  – use four adjectives!

  • Penguin – use the word ‘after’

  • Rhino –  use the word ‘rapid’

  • Sheep – use two adverbs (ly words)

  • Tiger   – use the word ‘terrifying’

  • Wolf  – use a conjunction  (if, that because)

  • Zebra – use a conjunction (or, yet, so)


You should post at least 3 sentences! But you can do as many as you like.


Answer below or email to


There’s a merit on offer for answering and an extra merit if you have the BEST sentence of the day!


Miss Essor 🙂


  • Mr Morgan says:

    Great activity Ms Essor! I wonder where is everyone today? Maybe we’ll see everyone back here later or tomorrow.

    The silly sheep trotted slowly and softly over to her little lambs

    Who’s next?

  • Melina Ada says:

    Hi Miss Essor,
    The amazing long-legged flamingo and the wonderful long-necked giraffe became best friends!???
    The sleepy zebra didn’t wake up yet?

  • Saule says:

    Hello Ms. Essor,
    The giant alligator used his bellow voice and blow of the prey.
    The bear extremely rapidly ran of home.
    The crocodile came to his cabin with clumsy chicks.
    The hippo was extremely hungry with his uncle zebra.
    One day there lived a tremendous loin he trotted, when he saw some berry.
    😀 😀 😀

  • Safiyyah says:

    The dolphin went underwater happily looking for her friend but sadly she didn’t find her.

    The terrifying tiger preyed on the poor deer and hunted her down and ate her.

    The angry wolf chased the clever fox but it was too late to find the clever fox because the angry wolf didn’t know the clever fox was hiding under a bush.

  • Safiyyah says:

    The kangaroo skipped rapidly when he saw a fierce lion!

  • Safiyyah says:

    The hungry penguins dived underwater for their food and after that they popped up for air.

  • Nala says:

    good evening miss Essor.

    The terrifying tiger hid underneath the big log whilst the hungry, thirsty and friendly lion drank from the shallow and swampy lake.

    The wolf didn’t want no friends because he was angry and lonely.

    the sheep knew she could change the angry wolfs mind by making him her famous apple pie.

  • kianosh says:


  • Melina Ada says:

    Hi Miss Essor,
    The magical unicorn bounced up and down on a rainbow.?
    so there is a magical zebra called uni??

    • Miss Essor says:

      Oh what a lovely sentence Melina!

      Could you describe the unicorn in more detail to me? I’m sure Ms McQuillan would love to hear about what this unicorn looks like!

  • Miss Essor says:

    So impressed with everyone’s sentences so far! Very proud of you all!

    I will pick a winning sentence on Friday!

    So you still have time to email or post them on the blog!

    Aaron I have received the email of all the sentences and I will be reading them tonight!

    Miss Essor 🙂

  • The dangerous alligator wanted to eat us,but the strong superhero saved us.
    The horrible,hungry crocodile caught some catfish.
    The dolphin swam quickly to catch the rapid fish.
    The rapid rhino was chasing the car!
    The terrifying tiger has been locked up.

  • kianosh says:

    the rabbit look like a squirrel

  • kianosh says:

    and look like a bunny

  • Miss Essor says:

    Thanks for your sentences everyone!

    You have all earned 1 merit each for your amazing sentences!
    I’m so impressed with your attempts at using adjectives, alliteration, conjunctions and adverbs! I can see many of you are ready for year 3 writing already!

    The winning sentence this week was so hard to choose. I was so impressed with every sentence I read!

    This week the winning sentence is….


    The graceful flamingo flapped its beautiful wings while resting on its short leg.

    Thank you to everyone who gave it a go! Next week I will post another English game and will give out more merits!

    Remember to check back and see if Mr Morgan or I have responded. You can earn another merit for responding to something we ask you to do!

    Miss Essor 🙂

  • Asabea says:

    A Dolphin was swimming in the sea slowly.

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