Always, Sometimes or Never?

Good morning Yellow Class and happy Monday!

I’m here with another maths investigation for you.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully.



Always, Sometimes or Never?


Are the following statements always true, sometimes true or never true?

You could cut out the cards from this sheet (click the words) (wordpdf) and arrange them in this grid.

Can you find examples or counter-examples for each one?


For the “sometimes” cards can you explain when they are true? Or rewrite them so that they are always true or never true?


To help you:

  • Even numbers end in 0,2,4,6,8 🙂 and are in the 2 times table!
  • Consecutive numbers are numbers that follow each other in order e.g. 1,2,3,4 or 8,9, 10,11 or 15,16,17 or 34, 35, 36
  • Sum means to add!
  • To get the double of a number we add the same number to itself. E.g. 1 doubled is 2 (1+1) or 6 doubled is 12 (6+6)



Try to get a few different reasons to prove the statement always true or sometimes true!



You can email your investigation or post on here. Merits for work and extra merits for great mathematical thinking!


Have fun!

Miss Essor 🙂

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