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Hello WestGreeners! I hope you’re all enjoying the good weather! If you’re not able to get out today and feeling a bit bored, i’ve added a worksheet for you to complete below.

All of us are unique and special. Can you draw some of the things that make you special? You can either fill in the sheet below or use your own paper. Let me know how you get on! Ocean 🙂


PSHE and Citizenship Y1 Be Yourself – All About Me Activity Sheet Black and White







  • Sophia says:

    Oh okay.

    My favourite food is chicken wings and chips,salt and vinegar crisps and bubblegum ice-cream.At school,the things I enjoy the most are science and maths because they really help my dream of becoming a radiologist grow.At home,I like to watch TV,do juggling,play footie,cook, make new pieces of artwork and make up magical stories.I am good at being on medical duty whenever my class plays footie and making sure they are safe,spelling most words that people that are a few years older than me can spell and dancing and singing.

    This is the real me and I am proud to be who I am.

  • weda says:

    1.my favourite food are pizza,ice cream the bubblegum flavar same as Sophia.
    2.In school the things I enjoy moost are all of them really all of them is my favourite.
    3.at home I like to do my homework in the computer,play with my brother at the garden that’s all I like to do really.
    4.i am good at being myself and you know who I am you know and that they is my family they help me mosly am good at maths but I try

  • kianosh says:

    1.my favourite food is pizza
    2.in school the things I enjoy most are Chinese and maths
    3.at home I like to play with my brother and sister in the garden
    4.I am good at music

    • Ocean says:

      This sounds great!! I hope you have been able to play some music at home. Pizza is the best!! Have a great half term 🙂 Ocean

  • Saule says:

    I enjoyed drawing 🙂

    • Ocean says:

      Yay! I hope you have been drawing lots of great things during the lockdown! Have a great half term! Ocean 🙂

  • Safiyyah says:

    My favourite food is rice with chicken.
    In school, the things I enjoy most are Art and Maths.
    At home, I like to do drawing and helping my mum.
    I am good at playing cricket and badminton.

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