A message from Patrick- 9th June 2020

Hello Indigo Class,


How have you all been? We did not have many comments yesterday so please comment today in reply to the work and letting me know how you all are!


Today I am interested in who can prove that they are the best with money! The winner will be getting 3 merits as to win you will have to do some good research!



  • If I saved my weekly pocket money (£4) and never spent any, how much would I have after one year?
  • Who can find the cheapest ingredient to make a pizza (use different supermarkets to get the best deals)? The ingredients are-
    • Flour
    • Extra virgin olive oil
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • Mozzarella
    • Tomato sauce (not ketchup)
    • Fresh basil

Like I said, look at different places to find the cheapest item and whoever can get the cheapest way to make a homemade pizza will win! You have to let me know where you found each price as well. eg.

  • Flour £3.99 (Waitrose)

That is the most expensive one I could find so I’m sure you’ll be able to do better with your shop! I want to spend as little money as possible. It is a good skill to be able to find good value when shopping.


I would like to see more comments today everyone as yesterday was one of the lowest ever! Also, I want to make a good value pizza so do me a favour here please.


I hope you are all well and are staying safe.


Take care,




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