A message from Patrick- 7th May 2020

Good day to you all!


I hope we are having a fine week and that you managed to find time to enjoy the beautiful weather!


Today I am going to repost the Math challenge from yesterday. I have to say I was  a little disappointed with the lack of response and so, if there is not higher participation from today, I will send it over to the year 6s! I’m sure they will give it a good go.


First of all, I will give you some of the triangles from this image

The first 6 triangles are as follows:

There are many, many more to count! This should give you a hint as to how to do it.



I am thinking of a number:

  • It is a three digit number
  • It is less than the product of 8 and 25 (8×25)
  • It is a square number (eg. 2×2=4, 4×4=16, 9×9=81, 15×15=225…)
  • The factors of this number are prime numbers themselves (please comment what the definition of a primer number is)
  • All three of its digits add up to more than 5

This time I will give you as many guesses as you want and if you are not correct then I shall let you know which rule your answer does not fit and why!


I want a lot more this time year 5! I know it is difficult but “it matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll” (finish the quote)!


Remember to always remain respectful and kind and I looking forward to speaking to you all!


Take care,




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