A message from Patrick- 6th May 2020

Hello there!


Today I am going to put a number of maths puzzles here and you can all answer in the comments. Unfortunately, no gave there own one yesterday! I will put the challenges you make on this blog as long as you send them to me. Otherwise, I am happy to make my own (they are very fun to make).


I am thinking of a number:

  • It is a three digit number
  • It is less than the product of 8 and 25 (8×25)
  • It is a square number (eg. 2×2=4, 4×4=16, 9×9=81, 15×15=225…)
  • The factors of this number are prime numbers themselves (please comment what the definition of a primer number is)
  • All three of its digits add up to more than 5

That one is very difficult. To make it even more challenging- YOU ONLY GET TWO GUESSES so you should check your answers and make sure it is right before you post in the comments!












How many triangles can you see?

You get as many guesses as you want for this one but I will only answer ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’. No hints!


If you have any questions then as always please comment below or email me! I can give feedback on the writing competition plans or writing in general and I would love to see any extra work you have been doing so please send them as well!


Speak soon,





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