A message from Patrick- 4th May 2020

Good morning Indigo class!


I hope you have had a good weekend and are fully rested for the week.


First of all I just want to wish Tianna a happy birthday for a few weeks ago. Thank you to those who mentioned it- I have now created my own calendar to help me keep track. Sorry for not saying at the time but I hope you had an enjoyable time Tianna!


Secondly, I  am posting a brilliant picture of the solar system that was sent to me by Heloise. I really appreciate her sending it to me and showing me the work that she has been doing:


Thank you Heloise!


For today I was hoping that as well as the usual activities that you have been set, you could let me know what you have been reading. What has been your favourite book that you have read so far? Who was the author? Why did you like it? Have you not enjoyed any other books as much? Why not? Who has been your favourite character?  Let me know in the comments. I have just finished rereading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I love reading books where it feels like I am part of a whole different world.


Finally, I just want to say thanks again for the brilliant poems in the last competition. As you should have seen, the new one is now up and I expect everyone to make an entry. I really enjoy how competitive we are and how that constantly drives us to improve. However, I will note that all entries to the competition were entered at around the same time and that any similarity in theme is purely coincidental. I do not want to read any comments about any other entries than your own from now on. It made me very proud to see all the year 5s congratulating the winners and that is the spirit that I believe we should enter the competition whilst still trying to win.


Please feel free to contact me on the comments, the class email or email the school at admin@westgreen.haringey.sch.uk. I look forward to seeing how your reading has been going in the comments below!


Take care,





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