A message from Patrick- 4th June 2020

Good morning all,


Today I was hoping that you would carry on with the book that we are reading as a class as I can see that only Yi-Sheng and Sara have done the multiple choice on the last chapter! Please go through the book and have your best go at all the activities. This is school work so it is expected that you complete it!


I would like to see some more information about London as well as only Yi-Sheng has given me some interesting facts! Use this website (https://kids.kiddle.co/London ) and  use your own words. Thank you to Yi-Sheng though for once again working his absolute best. I have been so impressed!


Finally, I am thinking of a number (y)…

  • y is a multiple of 4.
  • y has 3 digits.
  • All the digits of the number that is 1 less than y add up to 3.
    • For example all the digits in 512 add up to 8. >>>>5+1+2=8
  • All the digits of the number that is 1 less than y are the same.

What is the value of y?

It is possible to get the answer from those clues but I can give extra clues if you want them!


Please comment about anything I have mentioned or if you have any other questions.


Take care,





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  • weda says:

    Patrick can we do a competion I mean year 5 and year 6 a competion who can do they own story

    • weda says:

      ii didn t explain that good sorry I hope you understand what I mean Patrick

      • Patrick Creane says:

        I will have a word with Year 6 and see if we are able to get a prize for a competition so we can do another one!

        You explained it fine though. Don’t worry!

        Would you be able to find 5 facts about London for me like I mentioned above?

  • Sara says:

    1. Big Ben is actually not called Big Ben it is called ”The Clock Tower”
    2. Only 6 people died in The Great Fire Of London.
    3. Aldgate Station has 1000 dead bodies buried underneath.
    4. London Eye is the second big wheel in London.It was ”The Great Wheel”,which was demolished in 1907.
    5. Did you know Baker street is the oldest station in London..

    • Patrick Creane says:

      Wow. Some really interesting facts alongside some very eerie ones (I’ll never see Algate station in the same way again…)!

      Thank you!

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