A message from Patrick- 30th April 2020

Hello Indigoers!


I hope that we are all okay! It has been a good week for work (I got lots of information on South America yesterday) and we got more entries for the competition than we did last time! I believe the winner will be announced today so I am very much looking forward to that.


Today I was hoping that you would be able to do the same thing again but, instead of facts on South America, I would like to hear about the Vikings. They are in the same time period as the Anglo Saxons (can anyone tell me when that was?) and, as you should know, fought them on a number of occasions.


So once again, I would like 5 facts from each of you.

This time however I want you to read the comments to check that you are not repeating anyone else’s and try to comment less but with more content (the 98 comments yesterday were very hard to keep track of). Thank you to Davmie and Weda for each coming up with well over five facts each though!


If you want to do more and perhaps make a fact sheet on the Vikings then send it to the class email that I sent your reports in and I will publish the best facts on a later blog!


Here are some excellent websites to help you:



Vikings: Facts & Information for Kids


I’m looking forward to reading all of the interesting information!


Speak soon,






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