A message from Patrick- 19th May 2020

Hello all,


I hope you have had a good start to the week and are enjoying the book we are reading on Purple mash! What is your favourite part so far? I have set chapter four now and I have put a bonus true or false challenge in there as well.


Well done to Sophia, Weda, Yi-Sheng and Davmie for winning the writing competition! It is nice to see the year 5s working so hard and I’m sure you are all looking forward to seeing your surprise prize in the mail.


On the back of learning about some countries in Europe today, I would like you to tell me five facts about some cities or towns in Europe. Try to pick a city or town that has not been mentioned. I will get us started:

  • Sorrento is on the Amalfi coast in the south of Italy.
  • Gnocchi alla Sorrentina is a classic Italian dish from Sorrento (can you tell me what is in it?).
  • It is known for having small shops which sell ceramics, lacework and woodwork.
  • Sorrento is said to have been founded by the Ancient Greeks!
  • It is well known for its beauty and used to visited by lots of poets and artists.



I look forward to learning even more about Europe today after your good work yesterday.


I am happy to see that people are learning on MyMaths and Purple mash. If you have not looked at this week’s work then please have a look and give it a go.


Thanks as always for checking in and working hard at the challenges I set- I really do enjoy hearing from you all.


Speak soon,




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  • Davmie says:

    Greece (Athens, Catpital city)

    1. Along with being the capital of Greece, Athens is also the capital of the Attica Periphery..

    2. Athens is the largest city of Greece, apart from being one of the oldest cities of the world.

    3. The Athens Larger Urban Zone (LUZ) is said to be the 8th most populated LUZ in the European Union.

    4. How the city of Athens got its name. There once was a city built by a legendary creature. The creature was called Cecrops. The city was so beautiful the Gods/Goddess became very jealous. They believed that the city should be named after one of them. The city was either going to be named after Athena or Poseidon.

    5. Athens. Athens was one of the most important and powerful cities in Greece during the Classical period. It was also the first of the Greek city states fully to develop democracy. It was very important for Athenians to take an active part in the running of Athenian government.

    • Patrick Creane says:

      Brilliant- thank you Davmie. I love hearing facts that tie into Ancient Greek myths and legends. I suppose it makes sense that it was named after Athena!
      How many people do live in Athens?

    • Patrick Creane says:

      Wow- very accurate! Thank you Davmie. How does that compare to London?

      • Davmie says:

        London, England has a marine west coast climate (Cfb) whereas Athens has a Mediterranean hot climate (Csa). London, England is in or near the cool temperate moist forest biome whereas Athens is in or near the warm temperate thorn steppe biome.

        My own sentence
        Althens Has a Hot climate However in London It’s kind of this type chill cold Climate Moist forest Boime (Forest or tundra) But Athens Is near Warm temperate thorn Steppe Boime.

  • Sophia says:

    Patrick,can you please tell Jenny that I said thank you for giving me an amazing book.It is really special to me because when I read it,it makes me feel like as if I’m in the narrator’s shoes.

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