A message from Patrick- 18th May 2020

Good day to you all!


I hope you had a good weekend. The weather seems to be picking up and hopefully you all got the chance to experience some of it!


I have set the new Purple mash chapter and there is a bonus activity today once you have done the multiple choice! Sent it (and all work from now on) to westgreen.indigoclass@gmail.com.


Today I would like you to research and give me five interesting facts on one country in Europe! I will start with the Republic of Ireland:

  • The three most famous symbols of Ireland are the green Shamrock, the harp, and the Celtic cross.
  • 88% of its citizens are Roman Catholic
  • Many Irish family names start with “Mac” or “O’…”, which means respectively “son of …” and “grandson of …” in Gaelic. My family name a number of generations ago was O’Crean and not Creane!
  • Ireland has won seven times the Eurovision Song Contest (in 1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1996), more than any other country. Can anyone tell me what the Eurovision song contest it? When was it last held?
  • Guinness was created in Ireland and it one of the countries most successful exports (what is an export?). It is also Ireland’s most famous brand.

Incidentally, today’s picture is from Belmullet. That is where my family used to live in Ireland.


If you have any questions or want to hand in any work then comment below or email on the address given above. I hope you are all alright and that we will be able to see each other soon!






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  • Davmie says:

    When is the winner announced, today?

    01. Population: 742,452,000
    02. Area: 3,930,000 square miles
    03. Largest Country: Russia
    04. Smallest Country: Vatican City
    05. Largest City: Istanbul

    • Patrick Creane says:

      We’re still going through them but keep an eye out!

      That is a good list of facts about Europe! Would you be able to pick one country within Europe, like I did, and find five facts just about that country?
      Interestingly, Vatican City is actually the smallest country in the world and Russia is the largest (although the majority of Russia is in Asia)!

  • Davmie says:


    1. One of the happiest countries in the world
    2. The Danish language has no word for “please”
    3. The oldest flag in the world

  • Davmie says:

    4. We have a word for that cosy feeling of togetherness: Hygge.
    5. Danish pastry actually origins from Vienna.

  • Sophia says:

    I’m writing about Paris,one of my fave places to visit in Europe.Well,after Frankfurt in Germany.

    1)The French people from Paris fall in love with this kind of food:baguettes,macarons,croissants,eclairs,french cheese,oysters,falafel and couscous.
    2)The wonderful attractions that are in Paris are the Eiffel Tower,the Louvre,the Notre Dame de Paris and the Arc de Triomphe.
    3)The star hotels in Paris are Shangri-La Hotel,Ritz Paris,Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg and the Peninsula Paris.
    4)Paris is very creative like most people expect it to be.
    5)London is actually cheaper than Paris.

    • Patrick Creane says:

      That’s good Sophia. Thank you for your work!

      I hope to be able to stay in one of those star hotels one day! It really is a beautiful place (I’ll make tomorrow’s image of Paris)

      • Sophia says:

        Me too.In fact,I wish that I could go there for a month’s holiday.It’s got lovely food.I wish I could try the macarons and eclairs.This would be so cool!

      • Sophia says:

        Very well appreciated.Oh,did anyone see who the winners of the latest competition were.I was one of them.I wonder what the mystery prize is.

        • Patrick Creane says:

          Keep an eye out in your post and you’ll find out! Well done Sophia- it is lovely to see you all doing your best.
          Just on another note, could you make sure that you refer to teachers by the name you would use in school (Mr Harvey, Ms Gill, Patrick etc…). I won’t be able to approve posts that don’t do that so always make sure that posts are appropriate!
          However, I did find ‘The Tower of Lizzie Windsor’ quite funny! I hope the Queen would appreciate it as well.

  • weda says:

    facts about Europe
    1.Europe covers 3.93 million square miles,which is roughly eight percent of the earth surface.
    2.Europe climbed on to his back and he carried her off into the sea and took her to crete.
    3.Europe is named after the Phoenician princess Europa of Greek myth who was seduced by zeus disguised as a bull.
    4.The largest country entirely in Europe is Ukraine.
    5.The whole of Europe is only two percent larger in area than Canada.

    • Patrick Creane says:

      That fact about Ukraine is fascinating Weda. Thank you for that!
      Could you explain the second fact for me please- I’m not sure I quite follow it.

  • Mariyan Videnov says:

    1. Over 300 languages are spoken in England
    2. Big Ben is not actually called Big Ben
    3. The Great Plague killed a third of Englands population
    4. The tower of London houses six ravens
    5. The London underground could have been water-based

    • Patrick Creane says:

      Hello Mariyan!

      Thanks for that- I especially like the fact about Big Ben. That is the name of the bell. Can you find out the name of the tower?

  • Sophia says:

    Oh.By the way,it’s called the Elizabeth Tower.Or as I like to call it The Tower of Lizzie Windsor.

  • Sophia says:

    It’s also called the Clock Tower or St Stephen’s Tower.

  • Sophia says:

    Patrick,I was watching the video where all the teachers were all holding posters and it was really nice of them to do that.I wanted to plan a surprise video but first I need your advice and the most simple instructions on how to make a video and post it to school and make a blog like you do.Thanks.


    • Patrick Creane says:

      I’m not entirely sure how you do it Sophia as I played a very small role (and as you can tell from the video, I was quite confused just trying to record it on my laptop). You should ask Ms McQuillan as she played a big role in getting it sorted!

  • Sophia says:

    Oh,by the way,if you manage to be able to do those things,I might be able to use some volonteers using this web.

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