A message from Patrick- 16th June 2020

Hello all,


Thank you for a good start to the wee and it is nice to see a good few of us have completed the maths set yesterday!


I have set a new chapter on Purple Mash and have also set a very good internet safety computing task on the same website so please go and have a look at that.


Other than working through that today, I would like you to create a stanza from a poem following the same rhyming scheme as Invictus.


A   Out of the night that covers me,

B   Black as the pit form pole to pole,

A   I thank whatever god may be,

B   For my unconquerable soul.


So the 1st and 3rd line’s last words (me and be) rhyme and so do the 2nd and 4th (pole and soul) which makes the rhyming scheme ABAB.


Try your own one out:


As I sit here at the table,

The sun shines in my eyes,

I stand up, blinded, and trip on the cable,

The room fills with my cries.


This (partly true story) once again follows ABAB rhyming scheme. ‘Table’ and ‘cable’ rhyme, as does ‘eyes’ and ‘cries’.


Post your stanza int he comment section. It can be on based on anything you want and only has to be four lines long.







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  • weda says:

    as I sit next to my window
    I saw people dieing everyday
    with the coronavirus
    my soul was empty and world
    feel like it was the end of the world.
    rooms were filled with cry whoosing by and by
    every step I just miss is gone
    it felt like cable hitting me when I had a

  • Sophia says:

    As I see an eagle fly past me,
    I always wish that I could be free,
    I wish I could be a mermaid in the sea,
    And swim my way to being wealthy.

    This is actually based on a thing that has always been my wish which has finally come true.P.S.Learn how to pretend you are flying free by doing this.

    How to make yourself fly free.

    You will need:

    1)an XL fan (if you don’t have one,use some very strong wind)
    2)an XL piece of fabric
    3)a pair of fabric-cutting scissors
    4)an old but beautiful dress or T-shirt
    5)a needle and thread
    6)a family member (has to be over 18)
    7)loose and flickable hair (make sure it’s long enough)
    8)a special pendant or other kind of jewellery
    9)a sibling (optional)
    10)a very big smile


    1)Use your scissors to cut the cloth into wings.
    2)Sew it carefully and cautiously onto your dress or shirt.
    3)While you are preparing your wings,get an adult to check the massive fan is working perfectly or get them to check the weather.
    4)Get changed into clothes.
    5)Wear on your jewellery and loosen your hair.
    6)If you are doing this with a sibling,make sure they follow the last five steps.
    7)Go outdoors,make sure the wind is super strong (but not dangerously strong) and hold out your arms as widely as possible.
    8)Shout INVICTUS so loudly (but not too loud or else you’ll strain your voice).

    Hopefully you start to feel like a bird and feel amazing.Make sure an adult is there to supervise you or else you’ll be injured.

    • Patrick Creane says:

      Wow. Thank you Sophia. I prefer just to stick my arms out and pretend but your way could always be fun (and good job for emphasising staying safe of course).

      I love the stanza you wrote. Maybe you could split it into two stanzas as the rhyming scheme is AAAA as all the words rhyme with each other. If you Plit them into two stanzas and put other rhyming couplets in between them you have a full poem!

      Thanks Sophia!

  • Sophia says:

    Great!That would really help me with the way I write my poems in the future!Thanks Patrick!

  • weda says:

    my heart feel empty
    like sand
    all the day I get to be lonely
    like dust
    in the ground
    rain drips
    like your crying
    in the lonely desert

  • Sophia says:

    As I see an eagle fly past me,
    It’s like the future is flying with me everyday,
    I wish I could be a mermaid in the sea,
    And live a life of luxury everyday.

    One day I want to live in Dubai,
    And be able to live and be free,
    If not I want to at least fly high,
    And swim my way to being wealthy.

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