A message from Patrick- 15th May 2020

Hello West Greeners,


I have a couple of good messages for you today so I shall start right away!


Jeannie has sent me this letter (which I shall also email to you):

  • Hi Year 5 kids and grownups

    I have some very exciting news for you Year 5. Last term Patrick and I had mentioned to you about the exciting possibility of singing at the Royal Albert Hall along with lots of other schools from Haringey. As this concert is now not going ahead Haringey have decided to put together a virtual concert of the songs.

    We were going to learn these songs together in school after Easter. At the minute we can’t do this so Patrick and I are hoping that you’d be up for  learning them from home and recording yourselves once you know the songs. They are great songs and very easy to learn.

    I have attached mp3s of the two songs and also a Word document with the lyrics

    This video is expected to be available to watch on a private YouTube channel with restricted access . So your grown ups will need to let Patrick know whether they are happy for you to appear on the video. If they  do not want your face on the video then a voice recording alone can still be used.


     Grownups – Please reply to this email (respond through the class email) to confirm which of the following statements apply to your child –

    1. I am happy for a video  of my child to appear on Haringey Music Services private YouTube channel

    2. I am happy for a recording of my child’s voice to  be included on Haringey Music Services private YouTube channel

    3. My child will not be participating​

    Hope you enjoy learning the songs


GROW lyrics


I have attached the actual songs with the lyrics below that and I will email them to you as well. Assuming that you take part in these, please email your singing to the class email or the admin one.


Some of you mentioned that Accelerated reader was not working for you. Jenny has tried out the log ins that were not meant to be working and they were fine so just make sure that you are using this website address (https://ukhosted65.renlearn.co.uk/2089247) and if you need me to send your details again then I am happy to do so!


On Purple Mash, I have set the next chapter of the The Bridge of Fire today and you can test your knowledge with a multiple choice. I have then set an additional poetry task for all you keen poets out there!


We are currently going through all of the stories that were sent in so keep an eye out for new blogs for when we announce the winner.


Please let me know how you get on with all of this and I look forward to hearing from you all!


Speak soon,





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