A message from Patrick- 11th June 2020



I have set the new chapter for the book we started yesterday but I am also giving you a choice to start another one. You will see that you can read “The White Star” or “Neve’s wishes”. I want you to choose one of them and make a three point summary of what happens the chapter. You can comment your summary or send it to me on email.


Yesterday, I received just one piece of work.


That is not the level I expect from year 5- I know other students went on the website and must have seen it as well. This work is being set for everyone so I expect to see work from everyone. We have previously been one of the most active classes in the school and I have been very proud of that so we need to get back to that level. Seeing just two comments (one of them being mine) was not pleasing. Also remember that I attach all the learning resources/ home learning links to the bottom of every blog. Please use them.


I hope there is a vast improvement today as I want us to take back out place as the most engaged, conscientious (what does that mean?) and brilliant classes in the school!


Please comment any questions if you need help or email me.


I look forward to seeing your work.







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  • Sophia says:

    Is conscientious where you are pretty stern about doing something in the best way as possible but carefully doing it.For example:Patrick is pretty conscientious about making the whole class do the science presentation as good as possible?

  • Sophia says:

    It’s good so far.I’ve been reading a book called Skating School:White Skate Wishes and it’s about a girl called Emily who finds herself in an ice skating school in the Land of Ice and Winter.I want to tell you more but I want to keep it a secret.Oh,by the way,I gave you another update on Yahoo.Go to the page about the Class Photos and you’ll find it there.

    • Patrick Creane says:

      Oh wow- that sounds great! I shall email the Mandarin work to Grace. I am sure she will be very happy to see it!

      Now I would very much appreciate it if you would have a look on Purple Mash for the work that I have set and complete the task.

      Good job Sophia- speak soon!

  • Sophia says:

    Okay!In fact,I’ll do it right now!

  • Sophia says:

    Patrick,I was wondering if you knew any apps or websites that are for writing stories.I want them to be free and I don’t want the to ask for personal information.I also want to be able to print out my own copies of my own stories that I write there.

    • Patrick Creane says:

      I know Purple mash has a lot of writing resources that you can use. Have a look there and if you are not able to find any whilst exploring the website let me know and I will set some of the writing resources as a 2do for you.

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