A Message from Mr. Harvey 4th May 2020

Hello everybody, I hope that you are well. I have been trying to use my time for creativity and education, I hope that you are doing the same! If you have created something you are proud of I would love to see it, and perhaps if you have learned something interesting you could share it with me?


Who’s been playing a lot of video games? those who know me know I love games too. When you have a lot of time on your hands it is very tempting to play all day long…watch out! I have been making an effort not to play too much, it takes time away from things that are more rewarding. Remember, too much of a good thing makes it boring!


Perhaps some of you would like a little help learning and thinking creatively on your own? Maybe I’ll do some more of these to help with that. For now, who can tell me what animal this skull belonged to? Don’t worry, I didn’t kill it, I found it in the woods!


There is a photo to go with it!



Mr. Harvey


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