A half term walk with Mr Morgan!

Press play below to join me on my walk! The views are amazing!



My phone stopped recording, oops! Here’s me saying goodbye. You have to click the link, sorry. It’s only fourteen seconds so don’t worry if it doesn’t work!







What interesting things can you spot on the map? The green line with the green diamonds is where I was walking today. If you want to look on Google Maps, the closest town is Yealmpton. My walk is south of Yealmpton.


Tell me in the comments what is interesting on the map, and also tell me what you think of my growing beard and moustache!



  • Good Morning Mr Morgan!
    Your beard looks very nice, you should keep it.
    You will have to keep an eye on it so it doesn’t grow to big, like Santa.?
    Intresting thing about the map:
    I spotted Caves which i would like to explore, i really like to see new things.
    Thank you

    • Mr Morgan says:

      I wish I could explore the caves, but I’d need special climbing equipment to descend the steep cliffs!

      I plan on shaving the beard soon, don’t you worry!

  • Saule says:

    Sorry but with that beard you look old?? and don’t get it to long.
    In the map I can see nice distances.

  • Hi.
    On the map i spotted names with Lamb.
    Did you see any fluffy lamb?
    Did you see any animals on your way?
    You mentioned cows, but we didint see any.
    Thank you

    • Mr Morgan says:

      That’s right, there is a farm called Lambside! I have seen many lambs on my walks around here. April and May is known as ‘lambing season’, when sheep give birth to little lambs. I’ve taken many nice photographs of them.

      I also saw lots of different birds flying around the coast. There is an owl in the trees near my bedroom too!

  • nariyah says:

    Mr Morgan
    WOW! Your beard makes you look old. ha ha ha ha.
    On your map I saw wadham rocks which is next to wadham beach.

    I hope to see you soon .

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