2d Shapes everywhere!

Hello Year 1,


I hope you are well.


I have been searching my house for different 2d shapes.  I found triangles, rectangles, circles and squares.


What shapes can you find in your home?

Can you tell me how many sides and how many corners they have?

What is the difference between a square and a triangle?


You can comment below or send me an e-mail or  picture to westgreen.rainbowclass@gmail.com


I can’t wait to see what you find.


Happy shape hunting!

Lots of love,

From Krishna


  • Ghofran says:

    I can find square = 4 sides.
    I can find circle =0 sides .
    I can find rectangle =4 sides .
    I can find Hexagon =6 sides .

    • Adrien Schellingerhoud says:

      Wow! Well done Ghofran! You have found lots of 2d shapes. I wonder what the difference is between a square and a rectangle. Could you find out and let me know?
      Love Krishna

  • Ghofran says:

    A difference between a rectangle and a square :rectangle the two pairs of opposit sides are equal length and square all four sides are equal length .

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