What support do we offer for children and young people's overall health and well-being?

At West Green we are very fortunate to have a Counsellor at the school who works closely with the SENCo and staff to provide appropriate support for children’s social, emotional and behavioural needs.  Our school counsellor is able to provide a range of support including art/play therapy for our children who have identified emotional/behavioural needs.

We have a school council that offers the opportunity for children to share the views and opinions of their peers about our school and to affect positive changes.

When running Annual Reviews for children with SEND their views are gained either through completing a child’s view form or from attending the Annual Review where appropriate.

At West Green we have established a programme of lunchtime buddies, students who are trained to support children during their lunchtimes.

A high number of staff are first aid trained and able to administer appropriate care for our children.  For children with a recognised medical condition who require medication during the school day this is managed in conjunction with the school nurse and parents.

For further sources of support for children’s emotional wellbeing in our local area please click on the link below: