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Learning and Curriculum

At West Green, we are fortunate to admit our children from a broad cross section of society. Our children have a wide range of culture, languages and life experiences. We aim to enhance our children’s life experiences and provide them with rich learning opportunities that they will not only learn from, but also remember. To best support our intake of pupils we put a large emphasis on vocabulary and discussion during our lessons and recording. Our intent is to immerse our children in their learning in order to develop their vocabulary and inspire rich discussions and active learning opportunities. We want our children to be reflective, lifelong learners. We mean to offer a wide range of experiences to extend their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. We mean to provide an enriched primary school experience they will fondly remember.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. We strongly believe in providing a broad and balanced education for our pupils. To support our wider curriculum teaching we currently employ a specialist Mandarin teacher, a Music teacher, an Art teacher and sports coaches. Our teachers plan opportunities for children to experience trips or visitors related to their learning on a half termly basis; allowing our children the opportunity to explore the city they live in. When possible we make cross curricular links in our learning to deepen understanding. We also offer a wide variety of after school clubs to further enrich our students. Skills, attitudes and values are developed to prepare the children for the next stage of learning (key stage 1 and 2 ready and secondary ready), and enable them to be successful in the community.

Reading and Phonic Scheme
We use the Read Write Inc Programme to develop our children’s phonic knowledge and to teach them how to decode, blend and segment. Children begin this programme in Nursery and receive daily lessons in both the Early Years and Key Stage 1. Children are grouped according to reading ability and are assessed on a half termly basis.

Once our children have completed the phonics programme they begin the Language and Literacy programme which teaches all elements of the English Curriculum, including Spelling Punctuation and Grammar. All children receive a daily hour-long lesson on this subject. 

An additional skills session takes place on a daily basis to provide our children with a further opportunity to develop their reading and writing skills. The needs of our various cohorts are taken into account when planning these sessions. 

We also use the Accelerated Reader Programme. AR is a reading program that helps teachers support and monitor children’s reading practice. Your child picks a book at their own level and reads it at their own pace. When finished, your child takes a short online quiz to measure how much of the book they understood. We encourage parents and siblings to read together as often as possible. More information on the programme can be found here:

For children who are struggling to learn to read fluently, we offer a range of proven interventions which are run by staff on either a 1 to 1 or small group basis. These interventions are monitored closely and progress is carefully tracked.

We follow the new National Curriculum across Key Stages 1 and 2.
We have been on a journey with Maths at West Green, rolling out the Maths Mastery program to a new year group each year. So far Maths Mastery is taught up to Year 4, with the plan to continue this until we use it as a whole school. Maths Mastery aims to develop children’s deep understanding of mathematics. They explore mathematical concepts in depth using objects, conversation and problem-solving to build confidence in their understanding of Maths. The 3 key elements of Maths Mastery sessions are objects and pictures, language development and problem-solving. 

From Years 2 to 6, the teaching of mathematics includes using and applying mathematics, counting and understanding numbers, knowing and understanding number facts, calculating, understanding shape, measuring and handling data. It is hoped that through practical experience and discussion each child will gain confidence and develop mathematical awareness at his or her own level of understanding.

West Green children experience lots of exciting science learning across the school year. Similar to our topic learning, we know that our children learn best by experiencing. They go on trips to scientific museums and galleries, take part in experiments which allow them to work scientifically by predicting, classifying, recording and observing, and they have the opportunity to enter competitions! Our children even took part in an invention competition in June which produced a vast array of exciting posters and prototypes. 

We have found that our children learn best when they have a deep understanding of the scientific vocabulary, which is taught to them through our Word Aware program. Over 60 children were sent to the Natural History Museum’s science investigation centre last year, while we have also sent children to attend special STEM days and conferences. This will happen once again for ten children in 2019.

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If you require any further information about our curriculum please enquire at the school office by emailing admin@westgreen.haringey.sch.uk